15 Signs You Might Actually Be Getting This "Life Thing" Down

It doesn't matter how organized you attempt to be - sometimes life is just a cruel mistress. You feel scattered or lost, for lack of a better term. Your job sucks, your relationship may as well be a sitcom (and not the good kind) and priorities aren't exactly your, well, priority.  Good news? It takes very little effort to turn your bad luck around. And one day, without warning you're suddenly a person that just does this life thing with ease. Here are 15 signs that you're not as much of a mess as you think you are:

1. You can afford to buy something without wondering how you’re going to make rent.

Having an after work cocktail or a picking up an extra little something at the mall no longer requires you to do the math in your head to see if you'll be living a cardboard box. You can even deal with an emergency if you have to. Your finances may not be abundant, but they’re in order and you're actually managing them.

2. You take pride in your appearance.

You look damn good, no matter what you were. Why yes, these sweatpants cost me $10 and I. AM. FIERCE.

3. You live a healthy lifestyle that gives you natural energy.

Red bull and sleeping until 1pm are a thing of the past. You’re taking care of yourself physically and it’s manifesting itself as a natural source of energy. In fact, you you can actually focus on the work you’re doing throughout the day.

4. You aren’t jealous of your friends’ success.

You don’t measure yourself up against your peers to determine just how well you're doing in life. In fact, you can honestly celebrate their successes instead of wanting to crawl in to a hole of shame.

5. You’ve stopped taking everything personally.

You can handle the odd criticism or rejection without collapsing into desperate spiral of self-doubt. Opinions are opinions - you'll live.

6. You make decisions based on what you want, not on what other people want for you.

You make your decisions yourself – not what your mother or your best friend or your significant other wants for you. blog1249

7. You show up to all of your commitments.

People know that you’re someone they can rely on. And honestly, if you don't feel like going to something - you'll vocalize it honestly instead of using the "I don't feel well" excuse.

8. You’re the same “You” both in and outside of work.

You put your heart into everything you do, which means that the same ‘you’ shows up for all of it. No more multiple personalities.

9. You are proud of the home that you live in.

You can have people over without worrying that your place look like a college dorm. And even if it does, so what? You're proud you can afford it and have a place to call your own.

10. You don't need to defend your choices to others.

Why would you feel the need to defend your decisions to those who don’t agree with them? You make your decisions for you. Period.

11. You remember – and are prepared for – people’s birthdays/special occasions.

You bought that present 2 weeks in advance. #grownup

12. You take responsibility for your own issues.

Your problems are your own responsibility - not someone else's. The blame game is old news.

13. Your relationships are healthy and supportive.

Gone are the days of many "fair-weather friends". You have a close circle that love the crap out of you and are there for you always.

14. You spend more time planning than reminiscing.

The past was great but you’re excited about the future and you’d rather focus your efforts forward.

15. You’re not overly concerned about how much of an adult you are or are not.

Whether it's a weekend Netflix bender or a freshly pressed suit, it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. You don't feel behind or lacking and you’re proud of who you are. Besides, you've got lots of time to keep growing.

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