15 Signs You're Just Not Over Your Ex

Breaking up hurts, plain and simple. You're in this limbo phase where you're unsure of who you are and what you want. There's a hole in your heart and a heavy weight holding you down. You spend your time lost in memories of times that made you feel complete with the person you lost, and searching for answers as to when the relationship began to fade. Since there's nothing you can do to get the person back, you still wonder where they are, how they are and if they're even remotely missing you. You tell yourself repeatedly that you're going to rack your brain just one more time before you make the bold and brave choice to move on for good. Eventually, you tell yourself that there's no hope in getting back together, and you claim you're on a new path. But are you? Or are you simply still hung up and hiding it? Here are 15 signs you're just not over your ex.

1. You want your ex present in your life.

You said it's over, so why are you still secretly hoping they'll call you? You want them to play a significant role, even though you're well aware they've walked away.

2. You have hope for the future.

You agree to let them go for now because you have false hope that down the road something will bring you back to each other.

3. You can't help but think of your ex when you watch movies.

A rom-com is a no-go if you don't feel like reminiscing about your ex.

4. You can't help but be jealous of other relationships.

The sight of other couples holding hands hurts your insides.

5. You can't help but compare people to your ex.

A new person walks into your life and you immediately think of your ex.

6. Your ex has found a new partner, and you are not having it.

There's an angry, jealous rage that comes over you when you think about your ex with someone new.

7. You waste away your time stalking your ex on social media.

You're intrigued by what they're doing and with whom, so you log onto social media and immediately hit up their account. You look at pictures and see them with a new beau, wondering what that person has that you don't.

8. Your emotions prove to be out of control when you think of your ex.

You go to your favorite dinner spot, but can barely eat because it was the place where you and your ex spent so much time. Songs you both sang along to become off limits as you rush to change the station when they come on.

9. Your mind is filled with thoughts of your ex all the time.

Before you go to bed, your mind runs wild thinking of your ex. Same goes for when you wake up.

10. You think of hitting up your ex every time you have news.

Though they likely no longer care, you can't help but want to share new events in your life with someone who still matters so much to you.

11. Dating someone new sounds terrible.

Your ex still has your heart, so it makes the thought of letting a new person into your life almost impossible.

12. The thought of a future continues to haunt you.

You search for answers as to what went wrong, and even think perhaps it was just a rough patch that needed time. Can you possibly get back together?

13. You care what your ex thinks about you.

You ask yourself if they would approve of something new you are thinking of doing, whether it be taking on a new job, traveling or going to an event.

14. You long for the chemistry.

Their lips on your lips just felt so good. You miss that undeniable connection.

15. You simply miss sharing common space with your ex.

Just the thought of their company sets you off. You wish they could wrap their arms around you just one more time. Have you just gone through a breakup? Can you relate to any of these?
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