15 Simple Hacks That Make Your Clothes Last Longer!

Saving your clothes means saving your money! So why not employ some clever tactics to keep your wardrobe fresh for years to come? #1 Turn old pillowcases into garment bags for off-season clothes. clothing hacks #2 Use thick wooden hangers to keep shoulders shapely. wooden hangers #3 Freeze your fuzzy sweaters to prevent shedding. freeze fuzzy sweater #4 Zip up your zippers before washing your garments. jean zippers #5 Prevent colour fade by turning clothes inside out to wash. colour fade #6 Add a little bit of salt into your washing machine to keep colours vibrant. salt in washing machine #7 Keep shoes in shape by stuffing them with paper. shoes shape trick #8 Hide bleach marks on black clothing with a black sharpie. bleach marks #9 Prevent stocking runs by freezing your tights. stocking tight run #10 Always hook your bra in the back instead of stretching it around to the front. bra hack #11 Never use fabric softener on moisture-wicking sportswear. fabric softener athletic gear #12 Wash delicates in a pillow case. delicates cleaning #13 Spray your clothes with vodka to keep them odourless between washes. old vintage odour free hack #14 Unwrinkle your clothes without the iron. unwrinkled iron free #15 Know how often you really should be washing your items. how many times wash clothes Share your household hacks with us! Source: Buzzfeed   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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