15 Surprising Things That Can Be Cleaned In Your Dishwasher!

Move over dishes, you don't have a stronghold on the dishwasher any longer! If you are looking to save yourself a little time -- and a whole lot of effort -- try adding these household items to the dishwasher the next time you turn it on: 1. Keys: Your normal metal keys can go in the dishwasher and will come out clean and sanitized. It's also safe to wash them as often as you'd like, so have at it! 2. Makeup brushes: Put your make up brushes in the silverware holder once a month. Let them dry completely before using. 3. Nail clippers: Like this isn't a super easy way to sanitize your clippers! Add to the silverware holder and then dry after washing to prevent rust. 4. Duster: If you have a removable fabric duster head, it is safe to throw it in the dishwasher. It will never again get lost when you do a load of laundry. This also works for mop heads! 5. Cabinet knobs: The majority of ceramic and metallic knobs are a-okay for the dishwasher. 6. Dog toys: Plastic dog toys are almost a perfect fit for the top rack of the washer. Drool-free and sanitized. 7. Razor: Again, for a deep clean you can add your razors to the silverware holder. 8. Sponges: Sanitize them and extend their life by adding them to the dishwasher. 9. Refrigerator shelves: If they fit, add them! No more hands and knees needed for scrubbing out the fridge! [bctt tweet="15 Surprising Things That Can Be Cleaned In Your Dishwasher!"] 10. Baseball caps: If you put them on the top rack, they will get clean and won't bend like they would in the washing machine! Win! 11. Toothbrushes and toothbrush holders: Did you know it was safe to add your toothbrush to your next load? Now, you do! The ceramic and plastic holders can also be popped in there. 12. Pet dishes: If you can wash your dishes, you can wash theirs too! Good bye bio film, help happy animals! 13. Flip Flops: Plastic flip flops are perfect for the top rack of the washer. But, skip washing crocs or anything with a leather strap. 14. Shower head: If you have a removable shower head, pop it in the dishwasher every three months for a good clean and to help break up hard water build up. 15. Small window screens: If it will fit, put it in. A perfect, easy, lazy clean! Well, these tips give me lots of cleaning ideas! For more items that can go in the dishwasher, head to Pop Sugar. Now, to get me a dishwasher... What household items do you clean in the dishwasher? Share with us!

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