15 Things Badass Women Do Differently

Badass women are the ones who light up a room, throw caution to the wind and are bound to leave their mark on history. If you are among the fearless who would rather make the rules than follow them, you'll understand these 15 things badass women do differently: #1 They dare to go for it.  Whether it's a man, a degree or a skydiving adventure - they aren't afraid to reach out and grab whatever life gives them. #2 They never play the victim.  For every situation that has brought them down, they take control and get back on their feet. No blaming everyone else for their lack of progress! #3 They don't put themselves down.  Not to say they don't have times when they are hard on themselves, but they don't constantly cling on to their inadequacies and let them rule their lives. #4 They go bold or go home.  They are the girls who aren't shy to talk to strangers or be loud in public or try something totally out of their comfort zone and fail. #5 They love life.  They ride the ups and downs of life, but they never stop loving every second of it. #6 They know their worth.  Whether it's a toxic friendship or bad relationship, a badass chick knows when enough is enough. They don't put up with mistreatment. #7 They are social butterflies.  They can hang anywhere. On a night out they may bust a move at the club, chill at a sports bar or sing karaoke at an old pub. #8 They aren't hung up on love.  They are confident the right person will come around eventually. They don't overanalyze texts or get too serious with some dude too fast. #9 They call people out on bullish*t.  They are straight talkers, and don't care about niceties. #10 They don't dream of being on The Bachelor.  They would never compete like that for love. #11 They don't dream of being a reality star.  They are the star of their own reality. #12 They take care of themselves.  They don't put themselves in risky situations and they know that to keep their mental and physical health in good condition, they need to exercise regularly and eat right! #13 They never put someone's wants before their own. They prioritize themselves, and wouldn't sacrifice their goals to accommodate a partner. #14 They care little about appearances.  They'll send someone they like a hideous Snapchat and can walk around without a hint of makeup while feeling beautiful. #15 They are not wishers, they are doers.  Badass girls make their own rules, remember? They don't sit around hoping everything works out, they go make sure it does. Tag a badass woman in your life! Source: Pulptastic  

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