15 Things Women Think The First Time You Sleep Together

1. Let's do this! I have been waiting to have sex with you FOREVER! (or for the last 45 minutes before last call). 2. Wow, there is a previously unseen level of sexual tension between us. This level of heat is going to lead to some serious screwing. That I can see for certain. Score. 3. I wonder if he's nervous about this because I kind of am. First time sex is almost never that great. Even if you are madly in love, it can be crazy awkward and fumbling because you don't know yet what the other likes. Even if it is good, this thought will be in your head the whole time. 4. I feel like he's stalling. This foreplay is aces and it seems like he wants to start having sex but can't tell if I want to. I better let him know. 5. Sorry, all I can think about is five minutes from now when we'll actually be having sex. It is going to be awesome. I'm in the moment now, let's do this! 6. Now comes that awkward part when one of us has to bring up whether or not we brought condoms. I didn't bring one so I hope like crazy he has one. If he doesn't I don't get to have sex and that would just suuuuuck. Oh great, he's got one! 7. Waiting for him to put on this condom feels like hours are passing before me and seasons have changed. I'm not sure who is more nervous. This guy trying to slide rubber over his penis without losing the moment or me, trying to pretend I haven't noticed the passing of time. 8. Great! Now all we have to do is fumble around until his penis is actually in my vag. Damn you, Hollywood for making it look so easy every time! Maybe we should turn on a light? 9. Please don't pop out, please don't pop out. This is so awkward. I always have to say 'it is okay' and then he fumbles to put it back. Moment killer. 10. Man, sex rules! It has all lead up to this! Man, that feels so wonderful! 11. Nope, we're on different rhythms now. Stop fighting my rhythm! You don't need one to get off, I do! Concede, dammit! 12. What is he thinking about? I've thought about pizza, how many more Magic Mike movies we can make, and changing my hair colour. What he's thinking is anyone's guess. 13. Pleeeease don't come, I'm not close yet. But I will be soon. Please just don't change anything! 14. I'm really close to coming, thank god! Yay! Epic sexy time win! 15. This wasn't half bad for our first time. Yay us! Give me a high five! oh, you're sleeping... Any of these familiar? What goes through your mind the first time? h/t: Cosmopolitan      

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