15 Thoughts Every Woman Has Before, During And After Her Workout

Sure, we all have things we'd like to change about our bodies but we know that in order to look like the celeb du jour, one must dedicate a significant amount of time, effort and sweat equity to get there. Here are 15 thoughts that go through every woman's mind before, during and after a workout:


  1. “I should be at happy hour with my friends right now”
  2.  Scrolling through Instagram: “Body goals right there. I bet it’s that detox tea. Wait, she’s only 15, so she hasn’t hit puberty yet.”
  3. Looking at the scale: “The scale needs to stop staring at me. It is just a number. It’s not even accurate. It doesn’t take into account my big bone structure.”
  4. Sitting in the car in front of the gym: “I can’t do this. I’m not about this life”
  5. “I should probably walk into the gym now. It’s the thought that counts, right? If only thoughts burned calories.”


  1. “How does that girl have that ass on that waist? Maybe she has butt implants. I’ll just patiently wait for them to explode."
  2. “Thank God for Beyoncé. Her music always gets me feeling myself.”
  3. “That looks like an interesting machine.” Trying to figure it out for five minutes: “Seems to be too interesting for my taste.”
  4. “Only getting on the treadmill if ‘The Real Housewives’ are on.”
  5.  “If I do 10 more lunges, I can drink tonight.”


  1. Trying to Snapchat post-workout: “How do I get that Ronda Rousey look?”
  2. Walking out of the gym like a Victoria’s Secret model: “I killed that workout. I am all about this life.”
  3.  “What should I eat tonight? Pizza, nachos or spaghetti? Just kidding. I’m on that chicken, broccoli and sweet potato diet.”
  4.  "If I keep this up, I'll look an Instagram model in no time."
  5.  “I can’t feel my legs.”
Any of these thoughts sound familiar to you? What would you add to the list? Source: Elite Daily  

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