15 Ways That Busy Moms Can Squeeze In Workout Sessions!

If you're a mom who's always on the go, you may feel like you don't have any time to yourself. Seriously, you can't even take a pee break without a pair of toddlers wandering in! So how in the world could you ever schedule a workout into your chaotic routine? Well, we're about to share with you 15 totally simple and effective ways to feel the burn without sacrificing time away from the kids.

#1 Wake Up Early

Get up just half an hour earlier 4 times a week, and pop in a quick run to the gym or body weight routine on your bedroom floor. You could even join an early morning bootcamp if it appeals to you!

#2 Wear Ankle Weights

You may feel silly at first, but wearing ankle weights around the house while you do your chores can have a serious impact on your fitness level.

#3 Make Calisthenics Part Of Your Cleaning Routine

Lunge while you sweep, stretch while you dust and squat while you wait for baby's food to heat up. Always find new ways to incorporate exercise into your movements.

#4 Get Gaming

The kids are totally obsessed with Wii, and you should be too! Any game console that has fitness-centred gaming options is perfect for getting the whole household up and moving. And when the kids are out, there are plenty of adult workout games for you to try.

#5 Try An Online Workout

Bodyrock's quick, informative workouts are available for free via daily emails or you can get them on demand, any time and any place, you want them with SweatFlix℠. With over 80 hours of workouts, ranging in experience level from beginner to advanced, and from HIIT to yoga, there is something for everyone!

#6 Use A Child As A Weight

You do a lot of lifting as a mom, but have you ever considered using your 20 pound bundle of joy to help strengthen and tone your muscles? Lift her like a giggling little dumbbell as you do chest presses, deep squats or bicep curls!

#7 Find A Child-Friendly Fitness Centre

Consider going on an outing to your local YMCA or a fitness centre that has activities for children. You can all get fit together, or find an active childcare service within the centre to drop them off at while you hit the tread.

#8 Find Fit Moms

Team up with your fellow fit moms to organize events and activities where everyone can get out and moving. You could even start a running group that meets at a certain time everyday. Put the little ones in a jogging stroller and circle around the neighbourhood. [bctt tweet="15 Ways That Busy Moms Can Squeeze In Workout Sessions!"]

#9 Exercise While Watching TV

Catching your favourite show can be more rewarding if you workout during it. You can jump up and do jumping jacks, squats, lunges and crunches during the commercial breaks to give yourself a burst of energy and kick your metabolism into high gear.

#10 Get Fit On Lunch

Instead of heading to the same coffee shop or pizza place with your coworkers, squeeze in a healthy homemade lunch at your desk and go for a run, walk or jog up and down the office stairwell.

#11 Join A Fitness Class

Find a fitness class that works with your schedule. There are even ones for moms and babies to be a part of. A simple 30-minute class can do a lot to improve your fitness level and your confidence.

#12 Get An App

There are millions of apps out there to help you with just about anything, fitness included. Try an app that charts your exercise routine and reminds you when to work out. Some apps can even track your eating patterns and provide healthy suggestions for meals.

#13 Get Walking

Take the kids to the bus stop and don't head home straight after. Take a good long walk and see how far you can go. Try to beat your personal distance each day.

#14 Follow An Instagram Workout

Tons of fitness fanatics out there post mini-workouts on Insta. Get following and find a calorie-crushing clip to emulate.

#15 Play

The most rewarding way to get in shape while being a busy mom is to play with your kids because they are always on the go. Get outside and play tag, catch or kick around the soccer ball. Trying to keep up with them will be more challenging than any pre-designed workout! What are your thoughts? How do you get fit with your kids? Source: The Stir

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