15 Sexy & Weird Celebrity Hot Body Secrets

It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone that some of our favourite celebrities go to great lengths to look their best. Some of these beauty tricks are flat out bizarre. Here are some of the strangest things some do in the name of a hot bod.

Miranda Kerr

This one isn't so odd to me. This former Victoria's Secret Angel beats the bloat by consuming 1 spoonful of unrefined coconut oil each day. Many nutritionists swear by this moving it is perfect for getting your insides moving and cleaned out first thing in the morning. If you find it hard to stomach the spoonful, add it to your coffee. I've done this and can honestly say, it was super delicious. Kerr also claims that one of the best ways to get a strong core, is to have lots and lots of sex. "The more sex I have, the more defined my arms and stomach get," she told GQ UK last year. "One thing I've noticed is now that I'm having less sex my body isn't as toned." Sexercise it is!

Sophia Loren

Like a real Italian, Sophia Loren loves her pasta. But the key to her ability to stay trim AND eat pasta is linked to her small serving sizes. Although this isn't beauty tip per se, by eating a portion size that is equivalent to a balled up fist, you can get your carb fix without giving over the fight to keep your waistline trim.

Marissa Miller

This 36 year old model has an amazing body that has been featured by Victoria's Secret AND Sports Illustrated Swim. How does she keep her diet in check? She keeps her body on display as often as possible. She says that eating smart is about being aware of your body and the best way to do that, is to see it. While trying to lose weight, she recommends spending time wearing less. "I don't think I could eat a plate of nachos naked -- could you?" she asks. I think Ms Miller has severely underestimated my nacho eating ability but point taken.

Liv Tyler

Liv's tip is actually one for hair and body. "When I'm showering, I'll turn the water to cold for the last couple minutes," she told Into the Gloss. "A hairstylist friend told me [it] closes the hair cuticle...and I always feel like it makes you a little bit skinnier." If you want to know more about the benefits of cold showers, have a peek here.

Kim Kardashian

After giving birth, Kim got her waist back by wearing a corset. She launched a waist training sensation after sharing her progress on Instagram. This isn't really a method that I would recommend. Celebs from Jessica Alba to Amber Rose have followed Kim's lead but I'm still thinking this method is more than just a bit of malarkey.


People still talk about her lemon and cayenne diet from 2006, but today, her methods are much more sound. Now she detoxes by eliminating animal products from her diet. It is part of her trainer, Marco Borges' 22 Day Nutrition plan. It is based on the idea that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. It is a plant based diet designed to create life long habits that will empower you to live a healthier lifestyle. If she's only doing it temporarily, it isn't much of a life long shift but once again, point taken. At least this is a healthy method of getting yourself looking right.

Carnie Roitfeld

This fashion powerplayer says she avoids dieting in general but does have a few drinks that keep her couture ready. "I'm very lowkey with my body," she told StyleCaster recently. "I drink green tea all day long, and at night I drink vodka." As for fitness, she prefers ballet. Vodka and ballet, sign me up.

Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker uses Taylor Swift's music to help her break fitness ruts. She says "I returned from a trip to Australia and Munich, so I resorted to my secret, sure-fire method to get my body moving again. I blasted three Taylor Swift songs as loud as I could and started running in place and doing some stupid booty dancing. Maybe I look ridiculous, but dancing gets your energy up a lot better than running on a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bike." Yes, yes it does. My go to is Whitney Houston.

Elle Macpherson

Elle relies on the ideology that an acidic body is more susceptible to disease and can throw your metabolism out of whack. She eats alkaline foods like whole grains and leafy greens while avoiding coffee and alcohol in order to keep her inner pH balance in line. She does regular pee tests to make sure everything is in order. You know who else is into this? Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston. I think there may be something to this...

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is the queen of insane detoxes. After periods of indulgences, she relies on an elimination diet to get her body back to square one. This means cutting out a long list of foods that can aggravate bodily allergies and disturb digestions, ranging from dairy to gluten to orange juice.

Halle Berry

It has been shown that a few cups of coffee may be good to get your metabolism going but Halle relies on the grinds for external benefits. The caffeine content in coffee has been shown to firm up skin and even reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is not alone in following this particular detox method. One spoonful of ACV taken daily is shown to have a number of benefits from boosting weight loss and lessening blood pressure to fighting toxins.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Jenna multitasks by using her baby as extra resistance, even when she isn't really working out. "When I'm rocking Everly to sleep, I do lunges across the nursery, squats or calf raises," she said. "Suddenly 45 minutes have gone by, she's asleep, and I got a little work out."

Josephine Skriver

Josephine Skriver's favourite de-bloating method is to drink a mug full of hot water first thing in the morning and then again before bed. "It really helps clean me out, it's cleared up my skin a lot," she said. "Think about cleaning your drain at home -- if you do it with normal water, nothing really happens, but with hot water, it clears out the whole thing." In and of themselves, most of these methods aren't that strange. For me, the strangeness comes in the devotional type application of these practices. There is not 'one' way to look great, as can be seen above. And don't think, not for one second, that these methods alone are helping these women look great. It is, no doubt, a combination of factors. Having said that, which method would you be most likely to try? Me? I'm going for the sexercise core workout...

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