16 of the Best Kind of Before and After Photos

A while back we re-posted a story from buzzfeed about rescue dogs, showing their before and after photos. The response was so overwhelming that when we came across another story of rescued dogs, we knew we needed to share. Warning: the before photos will break your heart, don’t worry though, the after photos will put it back together.   Rasta – from the streets of Montreal, he cleans up very nicely.dog-Rasta  Miley – found in a trash pile, unable to walk is now happy and healthy. dog-Miley Kenzi – an abuse case from San Antonio is now loved and cared for.dog-kenzi  Ellen – now 2 pounds lighter from matted fur, she’s ready for a new beginning.dog-Ellen  Dolly – 10 pounds of fur lighter this charming girl will never have to eat out of trash cans again.dog-Dolly  Theo – after being abandoned by his owners and spending a year on the streets, this dapper dog is quite the charmer.dog-theo  Little Betty – abandoned by her owners, Little Betty now has a lot of love.dog-little betty  Woody – scared, hiding, and blind in one eye, this pup let love save him.dog-Woody Treasure – her hair was so matted she couldn’t walk, but rescuers uncovered this diamond in the rough. dog-Treasure Alana – a matted mess, this beautiful pup now has a loving home.dog-Alana Boo – looking more like a wet rat than a dog when found on the side of the road, this pup cleans up nicely. dog-boo Iggy – barely alive with a nasty eye infection on the streets of Mexico, people of facebook banded together to get him shipped to the U.S. and cared for – now he’s so fancy!dog-Iggy  Vita – close to death in a junkyard in LA, this dashing dog is fully rehabilitated and ready for a new life.dog-Vita  Cedar – found hairless and bone-thin, he now has a great new home with great care.dog-Cedar  Olivia – these photos, only one year apart, take a sad and rail thin pup to a happy, healthy, adorable dog.dog-Olivia  Shrek – after hair removed and wounds healed, this adorable dog is anything but an ogre.dog-Shrek I had never noticed how expressive a dog’s face could be, but looking from the before to the after photo you can see it in their eyes, in their tongues lolling out in happiness and in the tilt of their heads. Donate to your local animal shelter, volunteer your time at a rescue center, or adopt.

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