16 Dogs Who Are Totally Over This Whole Walking Thing

1. “Nah, you go ahead, I’m gonna stay right here.”

2. “But laying down is so much BETTERRRRR.”

3. “I think I just need a moment to contemplate my life.”

4. “This totally sucks, human.”


6. “Nope! Ya can’t make me! Nah nah nana naaah!”

7. “But chillin’ is so much fun!”

8. “Have fun dragging me!”

9. “My God. People do this FOR FUN?”

10. “Napping takes precedence over your follies, human.”

11. “I’m very out of shape, guys. Shutup.”


13. “We can do this the hard way or the easy way.”

14. “Ugggh, I thought you said we were going to the park!”

15. “Go ahead. Let ‘em stare. This is a protest!”

16. “I seem to have melted.”

… For the record, cats hate it too.

h/t: Buzzfeed
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