16 Small Boob Bra Hacks That Will Seriously Save You!

Bras can be a hassle for any cup size, but we smaller chested ladies have our own unique set of challenges. Here are 16 life saving bra hacks for small boobs:

#1 Get Fitted

You may walk around your whole life thinking you're a size 34A, when you're actually a 32B. Or you may have gotten fitted in the past, but your breasts have changed and your size is different.

#2 Know Your Materials

The fabric of your bra can make a huge difference when it comes to your fit. For example, a heavy lace can provide a tight fit and ample support. A thin lace can give you more stretch. It's important to focus on the fit of the fabric rather than simply the look of it.

#3 Look For Silicone On Your Strapless

A silicone band around your strapless bra can keep it in place and add extra grip. But be prepared because silicone can get uncomfortable. Although if you're wearing a strapless, I doubt comfort is your main concern.

#4 Try Boob Contouring

Instead of torturing yourself with a push-up, simply brush a bronzer darker than your natural skin colour over the tops of your boobs and between them. Apply a shimmer on the rounds to highlight them. Just like with face contouring, blending is the key.

#5 Moisturize

Some lotions and creams can slightly plump and lift your breasts naturally. You can also make your own cream by adding fennel to your regular lotion. Fennel helps increase estrogen production which can aid the development of boob fullness. It's a secret ingredient in many expensive "miracle" creams.

#6 Wear A Sports Bra

Even smaller breasts need support to prevent them from sagging later in life.

#7 Buy A Racerback Bra

Racerback style straps provide support while eliminating the annoyance of slipping straps. They are a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

#8 Make A Racerback Bra

You can turn any bra of yours into a DIY racerback by taking a paperclip and pulling the straps towards the centre of your back. Simply hold the straps in place with the clip and you're set! This works well for hiding straps while wearing a racerback T-shirt and providing support and an instant push-up.

#9 The Secret Dress Bra

Loving a backless dress on the store rack, but dreading going braless in it? Try sewing the cups of a discount bra into the front of it for that subtle, #nobrabra look.

#10 Bra Boning

Boning on the sides helps anchor your bra to your body. It provides ample shape and beautiful structure.

#11 Take The Plunge

If your breasts sit far apart from one another, look for a plunge style bra. This will create cleavage.

#12 Store Bras Right

To keep bras in proper shape, "stack" them together in your drawer the way they are displayed at lingerie stores.

#13 The Balconette Bra

Balconette bras are perfect for smaller ladies who have more volume on the bottom of their breast than the top. This design will provide the best shape and cleavage.

#14 Care For Your Push-Up

Always wash your push-up properly by removing the cups first. Reshape them when you insert them back into the bra.

#15 Get A Padded Plunge

Padded plunge bras can be cleavage miracle workers by providing a little padding at the side of your breast to give a total lifting effect.

#16 Pat Your Bras

In reference to washing, don't hang bras up by their straps to dry as this causes them to lose their shape. Gently pat dry your bras with a towel to remove excess water and leave them out to air dry.


What are some life hacks that have helped you? Share them with us!

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