16 Things Only Girls With Big Booties Will Understand!

The struggle is real for ladies out there who possess a larger than life behind. Tight clothing becomes a risk, and your bum-sweat game is real when it comes to working out. Big booty girls can understand these 16 life challenges!

#1 Shorts? Forget It

No matter what size or shape of shorts you wear, you will always have some cheek peeking out.

#2 Dresses Can Be Disastrous

Especially, if you've got a big bum/small boob scenario happening. You're always a different size on top than on the bottom. Ugh.

#3 You Can't Buy Online

You must try everything on. Shopping online is never an option! Either that or you'll be spending a lot of time returning packages at the post office.

#4 You're The Brunt Of Every Booty Joke

You're dancing at the club when suddenly Anaconda comes on and everyone is looking at you. It doesn't help that all songs are about butts nowadays. [bctt tweet="16 Things Only Girls With Big Booties Will Understand!"]

#5 You're Always Getting Groped

The club is a dangerous place for someone with a bootylicious backside. You're always getting touched by uninvited dudes.

6 Skinny Jeans Are Not Your Friends

"I'll be about 20 minutes late, just putting on my skinny jeans!"

#7 Sweaty Bum Is Real

You can't go to the gym without your behind sweating it out for all to see.

#8 Carbs Go Straight To Your Butt

It's cool though, it could be worse.

#9 Tight Clothing Is Risky

That pencil skirt might just rip in half if you're not careful.

#10 Pants Are Worn Out Easily

Annihilated by your butt is the fate of many pairs of pants.

#11 Wedgies Didn't End In Grade School

Your butt is self-wedging all the friggin' time. Can someone invent undies that are anti-wedge?!

#12 You Can't Squeeze Into That Tiny Seat

Whether it's a small spot on the sofa or squeezing into a taxi cab with your gal pals, there's just no way you're going to fit.

#13 Everyone Calls You Beyonce, Nicki Or Iggy

Those ladies are gorgeous, but for once can you not be recognized for your behind?

#14 Bikini Tops and Bikini Bottoms Are Not Created Equal

Size small top and a size XXL bottom? You're used to it.

#15 You're Knocking Things Over On The Regular

"Whoops, there goes that shelf of toilet paper! Oops, knocked over the Christmas tree!"

#16 You Love Your Bum No Matter What

All the struggles are worth it for such a glorious asset. As the song says, "might as well shake what your momma' gave ya." Share your booty struggles with us and tag a friend who can relate! Remember, no matter what your booty looks like, you're beautiful! Source: Cosmopolitan  

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