17 Crazy & Insane Things Found In People's Butts

We live in a crazy world, where people shove things up their poop shoots. Here are some of the craziest and most insane things people have jammed up their Hersey highways as reported by ER doctors. Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.30.12 AM VIBRATOR AND TONGS A man who got a vibrator stuck in his butt didn't learn his lesson the first time. He tried to fish it out with tongs. Get one thing stuck in your butt, shame on you. Get two things stuck in your butt ... Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.32.00 AM KEY Everyone's lost their keys before. They always tell you to check two places: the fridge and your butt. Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.32.51 AM CELL PHONE Can you hear me now... how many bars do you get in there? 539ffb40e259b_-_cos-03-xrays-mdn PERFUME This is one way to fight odor 539ffb410b0df_-_cos-04-xrays-msc FLASHLIGHT We don't even want to know... 539ffb413949a_-_cos-05-xrays-de PEANUT BUTTER JAR That thing is huge. This defies all logic in terms of "size of objects that can go in a butt." The person that did this is a pioneer in the field of putting weird stuff in a butt. 539ffb419b13d_-_cos-06-xrays-mdn SUNGLASSES "I wear my sunglasses at night." 539ffb41c74bd_-_cos-07-xrays-mdn SALT SHAKER This step of the recipe says you should "add salt to taste" 539ffb3fd753b_-_cos-02-butts-mdn ELECTRIC PLUG Yes, the human body emits trace amounts of electricity but this is not going to charge your cell phone. 539ffb3e7469e_-_cos-02-butt-things-de TOY SUBMARINE This was pulled out of someone's butt earlier this year in what I can only imagine was the worst The Hunt for Red October role-play ever. 539ffb3ea5a51_-_cos-04-butt-things-mdn BABY BOTTLE This is the weirdest one, because this is meant to give nourishment to a child, and someone was like, "Well, time to put this in my butt instead," and wound up in the emergency room. 539ffb3ece3cd_-_cos-05-butt-things-de GUN This is a really bad way to exercise your right to a concealed carry because I can't imagine you'll be able to fish it out quickly enough if you need it for self-defense. 539ffb3f1f3f5_-_cos-06-butt-things-de BUZZ LIGHTYEAR "To infinity and beyond" apparently includes a butt. 539ffb3f39aa4_-_cos-07-butt-things-de CASSETTE TAPE No one uses cassette tapes anymore, so honestly, why not? 539ffb3f8e66a_-_cos-09-butt-things-mdn LIGHT BULB This is actually how you test to see if a light bulb is still good. 539ffb3faa0be_-_cos-10-butt-things-mdn THIS Someone voluntarily poured concrete into their butt. There are better ways to deal with diarrhea! 539ffb41e22ce_-_cosmo-eel-x-ray-de A LIVE EEL For some moments in life, there are no words.    

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