17 Ways To Smash Your Workout Every Day

It's happened to all of us: you're ready. You were born ready. You start strong. Nothing can stop you. Wait.....somethings up. You're tired. Your body hurts. Maybe you weren't so ready. How is this possible? Maybe you should quit. Go home. I mean you got here right? What's the big deal if you throw in the towel early? Sound familiar? Here's a fact: working out is hard and it will always be hard. Why not find a way to make beast mode your normal mode? Give this a try:

1. Try warming up with slightly heavier weight than you’re planning to use during your actual workout.

Only slightly heavier here, and just a few reps. Also, don’t grab the weights at all until you’ve done some dynamic stretching and warmed up your muscles a bit.

2. When it starts to burn, teach yourself to smile.

You want your brain to associate the burning sensation with positive feeling.

3. Have a physical cue (stomping the ground, clapping your hands, snapping a finger) to snap yourself out of negative thoughts.

You need your energy for your workout, not to be pessimistic. As soon as your mind goes down that path use a physical action to get you back to more positive thoughts.

4. When you want to quit, really concentrate on keeping your body moving.

Even if it's just pacing!

5. No matter how tired you get, try your best to keep your body language positive.

Don’t put your hands on your legs and spend time slumped over (even if you’re tired). Don’t show your fatigue, frustration or discomfort with your facial expressions or movements. Instead, keep your face and grip relaxed to conserve energy, keep your shoulders back, your head up and stay in control.

6. Try "Ping-Pong" thinking throughout your workout.

Ping-Pong thinking is a self-talk technique that involves bouncing back and forth between two thoughts. The first thought should be about form and technique and the second thought should be a thought that will boost your confidence.

7. Accept that uncomfortable parts of training are necessary to progress.

In fact, learn to love the moves that make you feel your worst knowing that they're the ones that are changing you the most.

8. Practice saying “I can choose _____.”


9. Create realistic goals and break them down into steps.

This will increase your confidence in your ability to get to where you want to be.

10. Fully commit to the exercise that you’re doing, and stop thinking about what’s coming next.

One thing at a time. Each deserves your focus and energy.

11. Repeat mantras and positive talk throughout your entire warm-up.


12. Remind yourself of your goals and why you're doing this.

When workouts get tough, focus on a strong mental image of all the reasons you’re pushing yourself in the first place.

13. When feeling negative, take a step back and reflect on your goals.

Try a new approach if you have to, or alter your small steps to your end goal. Whatever you do, don’t get down on yourself.

14. Remember every person who ever said "you can't".

Nothing will feel better than proving them wrong.

15. Understand that certain things are out of your control.

No matter how much work you put in, progress still takes time.

16. Choose an environment that will challenge and motivate you.

Surround yourself with people who will push you to work harder and support you in achieving your goals.

17. And make sure to celebrate all your successes, as little as they may seem

Because you damn well earned it.

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