18 Unique Struggles of Wanting Love But Hating the Idea Of Dating

Dating isn't for everyone. If you are someone looking for love but dreading the search, see if any of these ring true for you: 1. When you gripe about being lonely, you know it has nothing to do with being alone. You actually prefer solitude. 2. As Larry David said: “A date is an experience you have with another person that makes you appreciate being alone." You have made this your motto. 3. When someone great asks you out and there is a real possibility that it might lead somewhere you FREAK THE HELL OUT! 4. Your imagination is stronger than logic. You jump to best or worst case scenarios in a heartbeat. 5. Superficial small talk is your person version of hell. 6. You are quick to cancel plans. The flooding relief that comes from saying "can I take a raincheck?" is an addiction. 7. You like to watch romcoms or sappy, heart string pulling movies from time to time. But only when no one is looking. maxresdefault 8. Your idea of romance is no pants and Netflix 9. It is common for you to develop feelings for unavailable people. You might not know you do it but you instinctively know it is safer. You can have the idea of a great romance but also know that nothing will come of it in the end. 10. You can sleep while spooning a pillow but are unable to sleep a wink if there is someone else in the bed. 11. After spending time on OkCupid or Tinder, you walk away thinking "I hate everyone." 12. You’d love to go back to letter writing. Sure, it would come with a new host of issues but at least you wouldn’t be haunted by that pesky *read by notification. 13. You desperate want to talk on the phone for hours instead of texting but still panic when the phone rings. 14. Break ups suck because A) the pain of losing someone is the worst and quite frankly B) the idea of having to start all over again is EXHAUSTING. 15. Dating for 'fun' or just getting into something 'casual' makes absolutely no sense to you. Why even bother if you know there will be no real connection at the end? 16. You have an overwhelming phobia that maybe you've already had your chance. Maybe your last love was the only one you'll get to have. 17. You are affectionate but CANNOT handle PDAs 18. You really do believe in lasting love. Somewhere in that cynical heart of yours, you refuse to give up hope. Geez, I can count about 6 of these that sound EXACTLY like me. How about you?

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