The 19 Fittest Women In Sports

Of course, anyone who plays sports must maintain their fitness. But these ladies outshine the rest with their fit fortitude and tight, toned figures. Check out these 19 stars and see if your favourite female athlete made the list! #19 Maria Sharapova - Tennis maria sharapova #18 Danica Patrick - Race Car Driving danica patrick #17 Skylar Diggins - Basketball Skylar Diggins #16 Silje Norendal - Snowboarding Silje Norendal #15 Allison Stokke - Pole-Vaulting Allison Stokke #14 Hope Solo - Soccer hope solo #13 Anna Rawson - Golf anna rawson #12 Leryn Franco - Javelin leryn franco #11 Amie Engerbretson - Skiing amie engerbretson #10 Malia Jones - Surfing malia jones #9 Soo Yeon Lee - Ping Pong soo yeon lee #8 Gina Carano - MMA gina carano #7 Sue Bird - Basketball sue bird #6 Hilary Knight - Hockey hilary knight #5 Marta Menegatti - Beach Volleyball Marta Menegatti #4 Lindsey Vonn - Skiing lindsey vonn #3 Alexandra Saitova - Curling Alexandra Saitova #2 Kiira Korpi - Figure Skating Kiira Korpi #1 Lokelani McMicheal - Triathlete lokelani mcmicheal Who is your athletic idol? Did we miss a favourite fit girl of yours? Source: Body Again   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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