19 Lovable Pets Who Are Getting Their Snuggle On

1. Marshall knows the cold weather is on its way so he’s gettin’ extra cozy.

2. Gordon is taking over this spot on the bed for the rest of autumn.

3. This little girl makes snuggling extra cute with her adorable hairdo!


Chilly days are ahead! Happy first day of Fall from sonny bear!#snugglypetpic

5. Nala and her humans have the cutest couch snuggle sessions ever.

6. Berlioz and Bernstein are taking cozy to the next level.

7. This sleepy guy proves that snuggling is even better when you’ve got your best bud with you.

8. This playful pup proves that you don’t have to stop having fun when you’re feeling like getting your snuggle on!

9. Otis is looking super adorable snuggled up by the fire.

10. Zee is super excited about autumn because snuggling is his FAVORITE activity.

11. This cutie isn’t coming out from under the blanket until it gets warm again!

12. This kitty knows the best place to cozy up during autumn is the couch.

13. This kitty has the most flawless snuggling posture in the world.

14. This tiny guy knows that a hug can warm you up no matter how chilly it gets outside!

15. These kitties prove that a cuddle buddy is 100% necessary during autumn.

16. This little spaniel is SUPER cute all curled up like a dog donut!

Better get myself off to bed, falling asleep on the sofa with my Spaniel snuggled up next to me. #snugglypetpic

17. These best friends know that spooning is the ONLY way to stay warm.

@BuzzFeedAnimals #snugglypetpic spooning is the way to stay warm (@ mozzie_puggle on insta) #snugglepuggle

18. This kitten knows that the cold weather is a great reason to stay in bed a lil longer!

19. This adorable snorer knows that the most important thing to do in autumn is snuggle up!

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