19 Reasons Why Drunk Texting is Both the Best and Worst Thing Ever....

While I do not promote drinking - I do support the 80/20 work life balance rule - 80 percent clean with a 20 percent room for fun! As my 29th birthday approaches I plan to indulge in  a few wobbly-pops, which just made me ponder if perhaps this Buzz Feed below is in some sense fore-shadowing of whats to come. Here are 19 of the best and worst dunk texts (depending on which side of the text you are on):  

1. The person who wants sex, but gets easily distracted.

2. The person for whom alcohol has unlocked the secrets of Disney.

3. The person who made a friend, and got very lucky.

4. This other person who has also found a friend.

5. The person who can’t trust their drunken self.

Luke Bailey

6. The person who understands how they might come across.

7. The person who has just regressed.

8. The person who needs a translation.

9. The person who gets confused about basic biology.

10. The person whose love can only be superseded by Taio Cruz.

11. The person who has really screwed up.

12. The person who just isn’t making sense, but may also have been kidnapped.

13. The person who can finally reveal their personal truth.

14. The mom who just can’t figure out how to ask the DJ to play her song.

My mom drunk texting last night legit texts me instead of asking the dj #soconfused

15. The person who finally understands what the truly important things in life are.

16. The person who is a cool dude.

17. The person who has figured out a higher truth.

18. The person who is making really weak decisions.

19. And the person who understands the ultimate truth of drunk texting.

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