19 Reasons Why Women Who Run Are More Dedicated And Loyal Lovers

A girl who runs might be the best possible lover out there. Not only is she fit, she has proven dedication. Becoming a runner means always having a mental finish line and pushing yourself to get there. It shouldn't come as a surprise that this sort of commitment seeps into other areas of life as well. She's not going to run away (so to speak) when things get tough. Want to know what else makes a woman who runs the best possible lover, read on!

1. She will always go that extra mile

She will always put in an effort. In fact, she often goes above and beyond anything you could have expected.

2. Obstacles don’t stand in her way

Obstacles don't get in the way of a runner. In fact, it does the opposite by spurring them on. Running is all about busting through barriers!

3. She doesn’t trip when trying to achieve a goal

Set backs don't prevent her from getting what she wants. Set backs only mean she's willing to work harder.

4. Her endurance is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

You might not be able to keep up with her. But, of course, that's what makes her exciting. She pushes and encourages you to push and text your own boundaries on a regular basis.

5. She’s got a great ass

Do you really need an explanation?

6. She loves to sweat

You girl doesn't wilt in warm temperatures. She breaks a sweat for fun.

7. She has a can’t-stop, won’t-stop mentality

She never does anything half way. She won't stop until she gets to where she wants to be.

8. She isn’t deterred by a little bit of pain

Pain is common for runners which is probably why she handles it so well in all areas of her life. She doesn't get defeated by pain, she grows from it.

9. She’s used to cramping

PMS and the related cramps may knock some women out of the game but runners know that pain is nothing compared to runner cramps.

10. She knows how to be the one in control

Sometimes it is necessary for one partner to step back and let the other take control for a period of time. When a woman who runs is in charge, there is never any need to panic. She's got you covered.

11. She can successfully tune out bullsh*t

There is nothing better than clearing your mind. Most people can't do it but runners do it all the time or else it would be impossible for them to achiever there aims. She's genius at know what can be ignored.

12. She won’t stop until she’s finished

Runners don't quit. You can assured that when a problem comes up in your relationship, she will tackle it head on.

13. She thrives out of her comfort zone

Runners love to push their bodies to the limit. Your body is an amazing force and is capable of some incredible things with just a little push.

14. She understands commitment

And isn't that one of the most important things?

15. She doesn’t believe in quitting

Every thing that could come up in your relationship has a resolution of some sort. Runners don't quit until they find one.

16. She will never let herself go

As anyone who exercises knows, once you see the positive results in your body, it becomes really hard not to continue what got you there in the first place.

17. She will always encourage you to get off your ass

She will never let you get lazy. She knows what you are capable of achieving and she will push you to get there. You will never get stuck in a rut as long as she's around.

18. She understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle

She's motivation for you to take better care of yourself too.

19. She’s just happier

Did you know that runners experience highs similar to those of people who take drugs? Don't believe me, read this! There you have it! Runners rule. Agree?

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