19 Thoughts Everyone Has About Morning Workouts

Unless you're part of the rare breed of people who actually live for their early-morning, calorie-crushing sweat sessions, you probably have had all of these thoughts before. Science tells us that sticking to a morning routine will change the way our brains react to the a.m., but that doesn't stop us from having mornings when we just can't even. Check out the top 19 struggles every up-with-the-sun workout warrior has faced and tag a friend who can relate!

#1 Going to bed like, "This will be great!"

Just think of all the free time you'll have for activities after your workout!

#2 Waking up the next morning like, "WHYYYYYYYY!"

Tired, grumpy and ready for 10 more hours of sleep.

#3 Who in hell gets up at this ungodly hour?

6:00 am for is for crazy people.

#4 How many times can I hit 'snooze'?

Maybe 5 times is enough.

#5 Okay, time to actually get up.

Goodbye coziness!

#6 At least I organized my workout wear.

Perfectly laid out for an Instagram shot! If only I could fully open my eyes to take it....

#7 Must. Resist. Sugary. Breakfast.

Need the energy but not the calories.

#8 Alright, let's get this over with.

Without my donut, I'm one miserable morning person.

#9 Oh my goodness it's still dark outside!

Humans should NOT be up right now.

#10 People are still sleeping in the houses I'm jogging past.

Hating this so much. [bctt tweet="19 Thoughts Everyone Has About Morning Workouts"]

#11 And here's the sunrise!

Maybe this makes it all worthwhile.

#12 Now I get it. This is what it means to alive.

Quick! Instagram that sky! #NoFilter

#13 But seriously, how do people stay awake?

I'm crashing out. Where's my donut?

#14 I really need a fresh new playlist to motivate me.

Pump up the jams!

#15 Anything by Justin Bieber is guaranteed to get me moving!

"Is it too late now to say sorry!"

#16 Here comes the workout high.

I'm Queen of the World, for real.

#17 The endorphins are kicking in.

Planning to ride this wave all freakin' day!

#18 Oh right, I gotta go to work.

THIS is why I don't dig early mornings.

#19 At 3:00 pm, "Yep, never doing this again."

What are your thoughts on early morning workouts? Share them with us in the comments below! Source: Shape    

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