19 Ways You Know You're Done with Drama

1. No more text bickering. You know there are better ways to spend your time than fighting with someone in text talk. If it's worth an argument, it's worth entire words. 2. You're not the UN. It's not your job to make peace with an ex. You know that if you are meant to be friends after, you won't have to force it. 3. You graduated. You no longer feel obligated to make time for people you only know from school or circumstances past. If all you have in common is the past, you will have moved on. 4. Release. You know some people are just with us for a season. 5. Real connection reigns. You choose your friends based on what you have in common with them, not their connection to a mutual friend. 6. Financial limits are clear. You're not afraid to open your wallet to treat a friend, but you aren't obligated to pick up the tab for casual acquaintances to keep the friendship going. 7.  Quality above Quantity. You have created a social circle that is genuine and intimate enough that you can be a real friend to the people in it instead of spreading yourself too thin. 8. Sex isn't a given benefit. You don't sleep with friends in your social circle out of familiarity and convenience. 9. There are other things to talk about. Your conversations are now often about books, movies, issues affecting the world, and other topics beyond relationships. 10. Cutting through. You aren't afraid to call a meeting of the Accuracy Council when people are not being honest. 11. Restraint is not the same as backing down. You have learned who presses your buttons and you actively avoid the triggers. If it's a relative you love, you employ strategies to de-escalate conflict and understand you can only control you. 12. Balance. You have intimate relationships with clear mutual goals and open communication. 13. Getting hurt is part of it. You have let go of retroactively fixing relationships that went wrong. 14. No more wallowing. You show up for the pity party, but won't let a friend stay there long without helping brainstorm ways out of the funk. 15. The time is now. You don't wait on the right weight, weather, or situation to make changes in your life. 16. People are in or out. You don't keep friends around who take turns caring and swiping at you. You aren't anyone's therapy punching bag for their own issues. 17. HERE is the best location. You don't feel like you're missing out on life if you stay home, make your own dinner and watch a movie instead of going out. 18. Sometimes there is no closure. You know that sometimes there is never going to be an apology, and you don't let that interrupt the forward motion of your life. 19. Your life is made of moments you don't get back. You let little things slide, toxic people and situations go, because you know know this moment was given to you in your one life and you aren't about wasting it.       h/t: Thought Catalog

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