2 Main Reasons You're Not Seeing Results From Your Workouts

Are you working out regularly and not seeing the results you want? Do you want to change your body, and just can’t seem to get there? 2 main reasons you're not seeing results from your workout There are 2 main reasons why so many of us workout day in and day out and never see the results we desire.
1. Doing too much cardio, and not enough resistance training 2. Thinking you can ‘work off’ what you eat.
Now, I know most of you think I am crazy when I say you are doing too much cardio - but hear me out. An hour plus cardio a day several days a week is too much cardio. Too much of it depletes muscle mass, and muscle BURNS fat, even while you are at rest. So the more muscle you have, the more you burn – even while you sleep! Also, if you can workout for more than an hour – you are NOT working out hard enough. (Now if you are training for a marathon, or a contest, or taking a 90 minute yoga class because you like it, this is different). 2 main reasons you're not seeing results from your workout

Doing too much cardio, and not enough resistance training.

Again, I KNOW a lot of you women are saying "I do cardio because I do not want to bulk up". Lifting weights will not make you bulky. When you put on muscle, you do not put muscle on like a man. Strength training does not equate with body building. It can be anywhere from training with weights, bands, your own body weight and/or kettlebells. Note: It is VERY hard work for most men to bulk up, and they produce 10-15 times the testosterone women do. It would be nearly impossible for a woman to get bulky. Strength training instead makes you leaner, toned, and aids more in weight loss than cardio does. 2 main reasons why you're not seeing results Muscle requires about an extra 50 calories a day, so even with adding just 1 pound of muscle, you burn an extra 1400 calories a month, or 16,800 a year. That's enough to keep off almost 5 pounds just by resting! And that’s with only 1 pound of muscle. Put on 3 pounds, and you’ll triple that. Putting on muscle does NOT mean putting on bulk. Muscle takes up far less space than fat does. So adding some extra muscle can actually make you smaller.
I hear it all the time: I don’t want to bulk up, I just want to tone. Well, do you know what toning is? It is building muscle. What gives you that toned look? It is muscle – plain and simple. There is a huge difference, and as I stated earlier, it is nearly impossible for women to get bulky. We just do not have the body mechanics for it.

Thinking you can ‘work off’ what you eat.

Let me start off by saying that exercise is not an excuse to eat whatever you please. A fitness class might burn off 1.5 slices of pizza that you ate in 1.5 minutes. Don’t kid yourself.
The attitude - I will just work it off in the gym later - will get you into trouble every time.
2 main reasons you're not seeing results from your workout [bctt tweet="2 Main Reasons You're Not Seeing Results From Your Workouts"] It's important you fuel your body with proper nutrition. Most major health organizations throughout the world recommend that you should eat 5-6 servings each of fruits and vegetables every day. Each time you go to eat, think of how many servings you've had of your fruits and veggies, then eat those instead. It's actually not that easy to eat that many fruits and veggies in a day. Only about 10% of the population actually gets the required amount. Most people do not even come close. 2 main reasons why you're not seeing results from your workout
Work on making vegetables the bulk of your diet. Experiment with different recipes, add veggies to your breakfast routine, have them as snacks, or sneak them into your protein shakes. These foods are low in calories, high in nutrients and help keep you feeling full and energized so you can eat less. In conclusion, if you want to lose weight it's important that you hone in on a proper diet. It's much more about what you eat than exercising. You can lose a substantial amount of weight through dieting alone - but NOT through exercise alone. You cannot work off what you eat. However, if you're looking to tone your body then it's much more about your exercise program than your diet. You cannot get toned arms or a six pack with dieting alone. 2 main reasons you're not seeing results from your workout If you are dieting, but not getting the toned body you want, you need to change your exercise routine. If you workout hard all the time, and not seeing results, you need to change your dieting habits! Easy peasy! Are you in need of a proper diet and exercise regime? We have the program for you! Join 2 million BodyRockers and check out the Daily HIIT Show complete with a meal plan!

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