2 Secrets to Creating a Strong, Everlasting Love

When you think of a love story, chances are you don't necessarily include everything in your fairy tale. You don't think of the tiny little hole and petty unhappinesses that are a part of the relationship as a whole. While these not so fantasy-like issues are common in all relationships, they don't define you and your partner's togetherness. How do some couples manage to crumble under these tiny unpleasantries, and others remain thriving? Learn to Compliment  I don't mean "Oh, that's a nice shirt." Really soul search for what your partner means to you. Dig out every aspect of him or her that makes them valuable, that makes them the one being on the planet you can't live without. And then feed them those kind of compliments (the heavy ones) slowly, and honestly. Don't Hold Grudges This is a difficult one, but grudges only damage you as you leave pent up anger unreleased. Try to get everything out that's bothering you when you're fighting in real time, don't let it spill out 3 weeks from now when you're fighting about a new thing. Resolve it when it actually happens, and like the old saying goes "Never go to bed angry." Sometimes differences in relationships are just too great, and letting each other go might be the best option. But don't give up too easily if believe your partnership is worth it! Share with us your secrets to success in a relationship! Leave a comment below.

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