20 Bad Habits Every Gym Goer Has Been Guilty Of At Least Once

So maybe you are remembering to wipe down the equipment after you use it but according to trainers and fitness pros, you may still be breaking etiquette rules! Here are the worst gym related offences: 1. Spit It Out "If you're chewing gum, it means you're not breathing properly, which is the whole way real yoga works. I go around and have people spit their gum out if I see it!" —Lauran Imparato, founder of I.AM.YOU yoga studio in NYC 2. Focus on Yourself giphy "I hate it when people get competitive with you during class, and not in a friendly way. You never know if it's someone's first class, if they are injured, or just having a bad week. Whatever the case, everyone is at a different level and that's completely fine." —Aly Teich, founder of The Sweat Life 3. No Savesies "People take their spot in class very seriously. There are a lot of factors like mirror space and fan placement which help people decide where to be in the room. Sometimes your friend doesn't even show up and you are left looking like a fool." —Allie Cohen, trainer at Barry's Bootcamp in LA 4. Turn Off the Spotlight "Unless you're rocking a sweet Apple Watch on your wrist, your phone with your Shazam app should stay in your bag. Wait until after class to ask the instructor about any and every song you like." —Sarah Shelton, instructor at Cycle House LA 5. Look Around "When we're training, especially if we're traversing space, people with headphones that aren't paying attention will put a mat down and start doing a floor-based exercise in the same line. Which isn't just annoying, it's flat-out rude." —Lauren Gary Rice, Training Manager at DavidBartonGym in Chicago 6. Be Positive giphy (1) "When someone comes in with a negative attitude and is closed-minded about their abilities, their energy trickles throughout the room and can really affect the pace of the class." —Sharon Kassity, Co-Founder of Kaia FIT in Nevada 7. Use the Lockers "Don't put your gym bag, purse, or any luggage next to the bike or on the handle bars. Just like in planes, buses and trains, please keep the aisle free." —Vladimir Bermudez, Ph.D., Group Fitness Instructor at Crunch in NYC 8. When in Doubt, Wash It "We all have those days, I get it, but the best instructors are hands on. There is nothing worse than going in for an assist on someone in stinky clothes." —Imparato 9. Show Some Respect giphy (2) "I think people don't understand or respect the volume of requests and tasks front desk staff has to deal with. Being rude to anyone is never acceptable, but this is something I see a lot." —Teich 10. Dress For the Part "Converse and skater shoes are not OK to workout in. It isn't safe for you to train if you aren't wearing proper shoes, so invest in a great pair of workout sneakers." —Cohen 11. Protect Your Goodies "Boobs are bouncing more than ever in class—bottom line, ladies, we need better bras! Poor fitting sports bras can be a big distraction to others and it can also be bad for you. Many designers are making beautiful, cool cuts, but when it comes to high-intensity levels of activity, these bras don't always hold everything in place." —Shelton 12. Don't Be a Diva giphy (3) "If you're going to take a spot in the middle of the class, don't leave halfway through. Is that a version of the 'exit of the diva'?" —Bermudez 13. Take The Circus Act Elsewhere "People balance on objects that aren't meant to be stood on, like stability balls. They always choose to do it like it's a dare: Try and balance on this circular object without breaking your neck. Just don't." —Rice 14. Mute Your Inner Mariah "Music is a huge motivator for getting through your workout, and you should listen to whatever you choose. But that doesn't mean you should sing along loudly so everyone else has to listen too." —Teich 15. Follow the Pack giphy (4) "If you want to do your own workout you should go to the gym on your own, not to bootcamp. It's very distracting and throws the energy off when one person isn't practicing." —Cohen 16. Quit Stealing "If there's equipment out, that usually means someone's using it. There's enough for everyone, so to take it out from the rack...yourself." —Bermudez 17. Don't Be Greedy "Some people have a bad habit of taking several pairs of dumbbells to one area far away from the dumbbell rack, during prime-time hours. They'll take a 5, 10, 12, 15, and a 20, like hoarders!" —Rice 18. Stop Stalking "While I understand that there are one-hour limitations on machines during rush hour for a reason, and those should be respected, it's rude to stand and give death eyes at someone if they are dominating a machine. Kindly remind them their time is up, or be creative and get your cardio in another way!" —Teich 19. Don't Stare at the Clock "You chose to be there, pay attention to what you are doing and count reps, not minutes. You can also try singing along [but see above for volume recommendation], it will make the time fly." —Cohen 20. Don't Drop It "People will be so fatigued after a set that they just throw their weights down, but this is a big safety hazard. Although you just pushed it to the limit, carefully place your weights down." —Cohen So... Fess up! Who is guilty? Source: Shape  

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