20 Gym Etiquettes We All Really Need To Know!

It's a new year, and with that comes an increased number of people joining the gym. The gym is a community like any other that requires respect from its members. That being said, if your plans for getting fit this year include a fitness centre, it is time to learn the rules so everyone can have a positive experience. Here is your guide to gym etiquette 101:  

#1 Re-Rack

If you use weights, the number one rule is to put them back where you found them. This will spare you the dirty looks from fellow gym-goers.

#2 Take Down Those Plates

If you pulled off a one-rep-max, don't leave the bar that way and let someone else deal with it. It's so annoying and time consuming for other people to have to do your job for you.

#3 Stop Hoarding

  Don't walk into the gym and pick up all the equipment you need for your session so no one else can use it. You're gypping people of their workout! Pick up what you need at the time you need it.

#4 Be Polite

Looking for a weight on the rack, only to find someone else is using it? Ask them politely if they are almost finished, or occupy yourself with something else until they complete their set. You can also join them by using the weight while they rest, but make sure to ask first.

#5 Don't Be Messy

Leaving your towel or water bottle lying around is poor gym etiquette. Pick up your things and stay organized.

#6 Maintain Personal Space

  Joining someone in a workout means maintaining reasonable personal space. Give them plenty of range of motion to complete their set and feel comfortable.

#7 Move Away From The Rack

Keep a good distance from the rack to let others come and go as they please. Don't hover around the rack!

#8 Don't Chat With People Who Have Headphone On

If someone is wearing headphones while they lift, it's pretty clear they don't want to chat about the weather. Respect their need to workout solo and find someone else to strike up a convo with.

#9 Wipe It Down

  Do you sweat a lot? It's essential you wipe down the equipment after using it so you don't spread germs or gross people out.

#10 On The Phone? Keep Quiet

If you like to make business calls or catch up on the latest gossip with a friend while on the treadmill, try not to talk loudly. You may end up disrupting others workout time with your conversation. [bctt tweet="20 Gym Etiquettes We All Really Need To Know!"]

#11 Stay Drama-Free

Don't be that person who dramatically drops their weight after a big set and breathes like a bull just for attention. We know you're smashing your workout, keep it to yourself.

#12 Be Patient

  If you're looking to get some pointers from a more experienced gym-goer, wait until they're done their workout. Interrupting people is rude, even if it's well-intentioned.

#13 Don't Be Selfie-Ish

Keep workout snaps and Instagram selfies to a minium. It's just good practice and won't annoy others who are waiting for your equipment.

#14 Put That Phone Away

Phones at the gym are allowed, but they can be super irritating. Especially, if you chill on the equipment and text while others are waiting.

#15 Don't Drop It Like It's Hot

Dropping weights on the floor is disrupting of others workouts and poor etiquette. Place them back neatly where you found them.

#16 Hygiene Is Key

  Wash your gym clothes, use deodorant and shower. Enough said.

#17 Stop Checking Yourself Out

Spending too much time looking at your booty in the mirror could distract everyone else.

#18 Keep Your Opinions To Yourself

If you spot someone who is lifting with bad form and could hurt themselves, by all means step in. But giving useless pointers to others is annoying.

#19 Move Along

  Keeping people waiting while you fill your entire water bottle at the drinking fountain? So uncalled for.

#20 This Isn't Tinder

For everyone who wants to join the gym to hit on people, you're out of line. The gym is a place where people come to train, not grab a date. These rules aren't written on the walls, but they are important for getting along in the gym community. Share your pet peeves about the gym with us! What are your top tips for gym etiquette? Source: HTV

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