20 Minute Beast Mode Treadmill Workout

This workout is a perfect addition to usual workout or for when you are stuck indoors. It mixes up different speeds and inclines to keep your body guessing and those calories burning. However, feel free to adjust the incline and speed so this workout meets your level of fitness. Complete this workout prior to weights or your usual routine to get your body pumped and your heart racing. 20 Minute Beast Mode Treadmill Workout Time:         Speed:             Incline: 0:00-3:00             3.0                    0.0 3:00-7:00             4.0                     3.0 7:00-10:00           5.0                     5.0 10:00-13:00         4.5                     7.0 13:00-15:00         4.0                     5.0 15:00-17:00         3.5                     5.0 17:00-20:00        3.0                      0.0 For more workouts, click the image below: URLSmall

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