20 Of The Best Low Calorie Foods!

Eating a low calorie diet doesn't have to mean eating a diet that tastes like sawdust! Picking the right foods can help you burn fat instead of helping you accumulate it! Balance your meals properly, and you have the chance to change your body composition while dramatically improving your health! If you need some ideas, the BodyRock Meal Plan comes with a recipe book containing over 70 mouth watering options! In the meantime, here are 20 foods that can help you fill out your plate without filling out your pants:

1. Arugula (5 calories per cup)

Add this green to your salad or to a sandwich. Arugula has a lot of vitamin K and like other leafy greens, it is a powerful antioxidant.

2. Radish (17 calories per cup)

These little beauties provide a nice little heat and some texture to just about any dish. They also give you a really great dose of vitamin C. Our bodies require adequate amounts of vitamin C to support growth and repair of bodily tissues, including your expanding muscle mass. And remember, you can eat the leafy green tops of the radish as well for an extra boost in nutrients.

3. Strawberries (49 calories per cup)

Strawberries are a yummy sweet fruit that is high in fiber and vitamin C. Available year round, they make a great on the go snack, breakfast topping or dessert!

4. Honeydew Melon (61 calories per cup)

Full of vitamin C and potassium, this melon is a perfect, sweet delight. It is perfect on its own as a snack or can be added to smoothies, salads, salsa and yogurt.

5. Wheat Bran (31 calories per 1/4 cup)

Wheat bran is full of nutrients, including magnesium and B vitamins, and has 6 grams of fiber per 1/4 cup which will help you stay satiated during the day.

6. Bulgur (76 calories per 1/2 cooked)

Bulgur wheat can help you bypass your afternoon energy crash. It prevents the blood sugar from going sky high which can prevent those pesky mid afternoon cravings.

7. Cod (70 calories per 3.0 oz)

Cod is packed with selenium. Selenium can reduce levels of oxidative stress and muscular damage associated with stiff workouts. Who doesn't want that?

8. Pork Tenderloin (92 calories per 3.0 oz)

Pork contains high levels of  thiamine, a B vitamin your body uses to convert the food you eat into energy to power you through a workout. Plus, a 3 oz serving contains 18 grams of protein!

9. Mozzarella, part skim (71 calories per 1.0 oz)

Part-skim mozzarella has 61% fewer calories than regular cheddar. Use it wherever you would use cheddar -- sandwiches, pizzas, tacos, eggs.

10. Plain Non Fat Yogurt (137 calories per cup)

Fat free yogurt is a great way to get a high of protein and probiotics. Probiotics are great for your immune system and digestive health. Add mix in from of the fruit mentioned above and you're laughing!

11. Unsweetened Almond Milk (30 calories per cup)

This dairy free option is really great for your cereal, post work out smoothie or any other place you might be using milk. Almond milk is made from grinding skinned almonds with water and so they contain less off the fat found in the straight up nut. Avoid hidden sugars by going with an unsweetened option.

12. Red Wine Vinegar (3 calories per tbsp)

Red wine vinegar is a perfect way to add flavour to dressings and sauces. It is also believed that the acetic acid in vinegars may help slow digestion which can help you feel satisfied as well keeping your blood sugar levels in check.

13. Lentils (115 calories per 1/2 cup)

Lentils are so full of wonderful things! Packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. And a low cost, they are a perfect way to round out your diet without killing your budget.

14. Plain Rice Cakes (35 calories per cake)

When you want a crunchy snack, rice cakes are a great place to go. They are also a great place to get a serving of whole grains with some carbs.

15. Shirataki Noodles (0 calories per 3.0 oz)

These noodles are made from the powdered root of the Asian konjac yam plant. They consist mostly of a soluble, ingestible fiber known as glucomannan and pretty much carry no calories. They have little flavour on their own but will take on whatever you pair them with. Be creative!

16. Blackberries (62 calories per cup)

Blackberries are wonderful. Containing 8 grams of fiber per cup, they are pretty much guaranteed to fill you up! Fiber slows digestion and prevents overeating. AND, blackberries are full of antioxidants and vitamin K.

17. Plum (30 calories per plum)

If you are just dying to have something sweet, grab a plum! They are full of antioxidants will help curb that craving!

18. Grapefruit (37 calories per half fruit)

Like other citrus fruit, grapefruit is a wonderful source of vitamin C. There is also some research out of University of Arizona that suggests grapefruit can help your cholesterol and blood pressure as well. Just makes sure aren't taking meds that require you to avoid grapefruit!

19. Celery (6 calories per stalk)

Celery is a great way to add crunch to your meals. It is a high volume food which means you can eat a lot of it without consuming a large number of calories.

20. Mussels (73 calories per 3.0 oz)

Mussels are great in the protein to calorie ratio department. One serving contains 10 grams of protein! They also deliver a good dose of omega-3s! Widely considered one the most sustainable forms of seafood, this inexpensive option is a good one! For more low calorie food options, go here. Are your favourites on the list? What are your low calorie go-tos?

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