20 Of The Most Embarrassing Things To Happen To People At The Gym

You've probably heard whispers and rumours at your gym. Tales of mortifying events like wardrobe malfunctions or epic wipe-outs abound, but they never seem to happen when you are there. Makes you wonder sometimes if these events took place at all. Buzzfeed is here to assure you that these things do actually happen. They asked the Buzzfeed community to tell them their most embarrassing and awkward gym stories.   Here are some of the funnier responses:
  1. “I was doing leg stretches and my penis and testicles popped out of my shorts.”

  2. “I was lifting a dumbbell above my head and my shoulder just gave out. So my arm swung down with the dumbbell and whacked me straight in the lady parts. Needless to say I started feeling faint, and a nice guy who worked there helped me out and gave me an ice pack. He kept asking if I was sore anywhere else…”

  3. “One time I was in a yoga class, we were in downward dog, and I went to burp but instead of just burping, I threw up. But because I didn’t want to be gross, I tried to hold it in and because I was upside down it just came out of my nose in green globs, and it burned really bad and got all over my mat. I’m pretty sure like seven people saw.”

    —Victoria Boyd, Facebook
  4. “I did a shoulder stand on the stretching mats and queefed. Loudly. People heard. People left the stretching mats.”

    —Charlotte Rodgers, Facebook
  5. “I wasn’t sure how to use the moving stairs, so I climbed up and just pressed start. Turns out the person before hadn’t stopped the machine and just pressed paused. Cue me suddenly faced with the stairs moving at high speed and me frantically trying to hold on. It ended with holding onto the rails for dear life whilst my body was being battered on the stairs. In the end I had to let go and fell in a heap at the bottom.”

  6. “I always knew the towels at my gym were small but didn’t realize how small until I locked the keys to my lock inside my locker before taking a shower. No one else was in the locker room so I had to walk through the gym soaking wet in a towel that barely covered the essentials.”

  7. “I was doing a yoga class through my gym, and the instructor started leading us through some difficult moves. I have bad knees and wasn’t able to follow, so I waited in child’s pose for her to finish. After a couple of minutes, I looked around and almost everyone was in child’s pose. The instructor decided that we would skip the difficult poses while giving me a dirty look. I didn’t mean to start a mutiny!”

  8. “I fell off the treadmill. Instead of turning it off and starting over I just jumped back on… And immediately fell off again.”


  9. “Working out commando in leggings feels awesome. So that’s what I was doing for a while, until I split my leggings wide open during a set of squats. I didn’t even know, and I was with my personal trainer. When I got home, I saw the hole between my legs. I imitated some stretching to see if it were possible for my junk to not be exposed — nope, all out there… Never going commando again.”

  10. “Me and my friend were at the gym doing alternating sit-ups while throwing a heavy a** exercise ball between us. Two really cute gym instructors walked by and I turned to smile at them, needless to say I wasn’t looking and the ball hit me straight in the face knocking me out. I came out with a bloody nose to see both guys laughing their asses off.”

    —Olivia Harris, Facebook
  11. “I ran for about two hours without stopping. When I did slow down, my legs were cramped so badly that I couldn’t walk. So an (extremely attractive) trainer had to carry me bridal style back to my apartment, where my dog ran forward to greet us with my underwear in his mouth. FML.”

  12. “I *thought* I had plugged my iPod into the dock on the elliptical machine and was rocking out to the ‘Hey Girl!’ parody of ‘Bonjour!’ from Beauty and the Beast. The song was three quarters over before someone came over and told me the whole gym could hear it.”

  13. “On my way out of the gym I saw a door … [that] looked like it was open, so I proceeded to go through. Turns out it was a wall. Yeah, everyone watched me walk into a glass wall.”

    —Lisa Stein, Facebook
  14. “I was walking across the calisthenics area, making sweet eye contact love to a very attractive man, and because my gaze was locked on Mr. Olympia I didn’t see the 40-pound dumbbells in my path. I tripped and fell so hard I didn’t have time to break my fall. Mr. Olympia collected my water bottle and phone that had gone flying and while he was picking me up he proceeded to tell me ‘It’s ok it happens all the time when girls look at me.’ UGH.”

  15. “I was cycling my heart out in a standing position and when I went to sit back down my seat started falling back. The whole seat — and I — fell hard onto the hardwood floor with my feet still stuck in the pedal straps. Despite the ‘80’s hairband music blasting, everyone in the class still heard and turned to see what happened. I now have trust issues with bike seats.”

    —Noelle Nercessian, Facebook
  16. “When I was walking on the treadmill I had a wedgie that I couldn’t pick because a hot guy was right behind me. I tried to get it out by walking wider hoping it would some how work it self out … The hot guy came over and asked if I needed advice on picking out better shoes that would support my insoles better … Nope, just had a wedgie thank you.”

  17. “During my second set on the leg press, I made a very loud grunting effort and the next thing I knew the press came slamming down … And I meowed, like literally meowed like a cat. Everyone saw what happened, including my crush, because he came up to me and asked if I was ok. Red with embarrassment I sputtered out a ‘yes, thank you.’ As my crush helped me off, he said two things: ‘Did you just meow?!’ and ‘your shorts are torn.’ I had gone to the gym commando….”

    —Murtaza Ali Bukhari, Facebook
  18. “I was wearing a large pad because I tend to have a heavy flow… I put a gym towel down on the bike I was about to use. Unfortunately, my pad got moved around a little from working out, but I didn’t notice until I got up from the stationary bike. The white towel was stained very noticeably with my blood!”

  19. “One day I was feeling kinda sick but I went to yoga anyway because I thought it would help me feel better. This day just so happened to have a really hot guy substitute teacher. So we got into one pose … and he came over to help me push my thighs down so it would be a better stretch. But the pressure of him pushing my legs towards the ground made me feel like I was going to throw up. I tried to push the feeling down into the stretch and instead pushed a giant fart right into his face. It was so bad I thought I crapped my pants.”

  20. “I sharted. The end.”

Eek! Terrifying stories! What is your most embarrassing moment at the gym? Don't be shy! Source: Buzzfeed  

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