20 Reasons Why Strong Trumps Skinny

Strength is where it's at! Now- we aren't saying that naturally skinny bodies aren't beautiful, because they are - what we're saying is that HEALTHY is beautiful. And healthy means having strong, functional muscles and a strong heart. That's why working out and lifting weights is so amazing! Besides, having muscle makes you toned - and what's not to love about that? To take this a step further "strong" doesn't just apply to your physical attributes - we mean having confidence and determination on and off the gym floor. Here are 20 reasons why strong trumps skinny, any day.

1. Healthy is Sexy

Seeing someone chase their goals, be highly motivated and take care of themselves? Damn that's sexy.

2. You Can Build Your Curves

Want a butt? Get squatting. Want your thighs to slim? Go for it! You have the power to own your body and love it.

3. Your diet isn't just salads anymore

To build muscle, you have to eat - and we love eating.

4. "Woke up wit dis muscle"

Your no flex game is strong - in fact, people ask you if you're flexing in photos all of the time.

5. You don't need men to help you lift anything

In fact, you're downright insulted at the gym if they ask to help you move that 45 plate. Bro - I've got this.

6. You're ready to rock a bathing suit year round

Say hello to my 6 pack - in December

7. You can carry your own weight - literally and figuratively

You are strong and resilient and a powerhouse of a human being.

8. You rock the hell out of whatever you wear

Ain't no way these curves are making it in to vogue - and that's fine. Have you seen your calves in heels? Hell yes.

9. We know just how badass our bodies are

You know your mind will quit before your body - but that's become an entirely new level of challenge for you. Pushing your limits is just part of how awesome you are.

10. People know not to mess with you

You've got those guns to back you up.

11. You own your presence

With your svelte bod and confidence, no one can look away. I mean lets be real, you can squat double your bodyweight or throw a barbell over your head like it's nothing - walking in to a room full of people and looking extra fly is a piece of cake.

12. When people say "go to the bar" you have to clarify

Are we talking deadlifts or a drink?

13. Nitpicking is a thing of the past

Who cares about that zit, have you seen your new muscles? Dayum.

14. You have a newfound respect for your body and it's abilities

It just keeps getting better for you. Only you can figure out how far you can go, and once you reach that point, it’s difficult to ever go back.

15. You just burn your calories - not count them

Deciding what you can or can't eat is a thing of a past. Your muscles are working overtime for you.

16. Overindulging is easier to bounce back from

It's fuel for leg day.

17. You decide how good you look - no one else

You have your own standard of what you want your body to look like - and you damn well better believe you're achieving it.

18. Beauty is what you see - not what a magazine tells you

No beauty standard is ever going to get in the way of how you want your body to look. Bones are in? Great - you have those under all your sexy muscle.

19. You know what power feels like

Power isn't determined by size; real power is any and all physical limits you can push your body to and past

20. Bring on the challenges

You don't shy away from a challenge - in fact, you thrive on it

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