20 Shelter Dogs On Their Way Home

Ahhh man, one thing we are always doing as human beings is trying to find something that makes us happy. What better to make us happy then a story about shelter pups that are going to have an amazing Christmas this year because they have found new homes! Time and time again, it has been proven that the less stress we have, the healthier we are. How can you hold any stress when you look into these faces?! These pictures tell the individual stories of these pups on their rides to their new homes... The Barkpost called them Freedom Ride pics! They said, "All these dogs waited at Chicago Animal Care and Control for a rescue to take them in. Some waited for months, some were saved in their final hour, and all have found loving forever homes." Seriously, melt your heart--cuteness. enhanced-buzz-29773-1386775621-32 enhanced-buzz-28179-1386775530-8 enhanced-buzz-17017-1386775684-27 enhanced-buzz-13886-1386775500-4 enhanced-buzz-2775-1386775514-11 enhanced-buzz-14500-1386775340-13 enhanced-buzz-18879-1386775485-8 enhanced-buzz-28186-1386775356-4 enhanced-buzz-18924-1386775867-18 enhanced-buzz-26815-1386775827-11 enhanced-buzz-18788-1386775750-26 enhanced-buzz-18743-1386776990-13 enhanced-buzz-18861-1386775718-8 enhanced-buzz-17537-1386775764-11 enhanced-buzz-18924-1386775702-8 enhanced-buzz-29773-1386775607-22 enhanced-buzz-30155-1386775590-35 enhanced-buzz-18282-1386775398-8 enhanced-buzz-17575-1386775577-19 enhanced-buzz-29330-1386775673-10   If you want to read the entire post, go here: http://thebarkpost.com/shelter-freedom-ride-pics-that-will-melt-your-heart/ Animals can help us find health and happiness. Yay, for these pups and their new homes. If you want to help, go to your nearest animal shelter! Give an animal a good home just in time for Christmas! XO, Tessa    

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