20 Things You Should Never Tell A Runner

1. "Running is not a sport."

Right, because football is in the Olympics?


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2. "You're too young/old to run."

I'm really not, but thanks for worrying.

Right on!

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3. "Are you running away from your problems?"

No, but I'm running away from you.

Jack Nicholson middle finger

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4. "You're sore, just take the day off."

How about no? The-Office-gifs-the-office-14948948-240-196 NBC/ via Photobucket

5. "You'll lose all your muscles if you run."

Yes, because I don't do strength training at all and stay away from any type of protein.

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6. "Oh! You're a jogger?"

Don't. Marvel Studios/ via Teen

7. "You have too many running shoes."

You can never have too many running shoes.


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8. "Just run on the treadmill."

It's not the same thing.

Blank Stare

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9. "You're going to have huge legs if you run."

How in the world did you come up with that? funny animated GIF Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Moving Picture Company/ via Giphy

10. "It's too hot (cold, windy, snowy, etc.) outside, just stay inside!"

You're such a wuss.

Rolling Eyes - Lucille, Arrested Development

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11. "Your knees will be screwed up when you're older."

Don't talk about my knees. movie animated GIF Aggregate Films, DumbDumb, Stuber Productions/ via Giphy

12. "Are you fast?"

Fast enough to run over you. Wait, what?

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13. "Why do you have so many water bottles?"

Because I don't go on 10 minutes run, I need to hydrate. water animated GIF Robert Simonds Productions, Touchstone Pictures, Waterboy Productions/ via Giphy

14. "Aren't you going to get lost?"

Ever heard of a GPS watch? reactiongifs animated GIF New Line Cinema, MGM, WingNut Films/ via Giphy

15. "You're injured, you shouldn't be running."

If I can walk, I can run.leonardo dicaprio animated GIF DreamWorks SKG, BBC Films, Evamere Entertainment, Neal Street Productions/ via Giphy

16. "It's unhealthy to run that much."

It's unhealthy to sit on the couch that much. Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Moving Picture Company/ via Pittsburgh Magazine

17. "______ is happening because you're running too much."

Ok, mom. movie animated GIF Universal Pictures, Apatow Productions/ via Giphy

18. "How much did you pay for that race?"

With money. Stop asking. money animated GIF Columbia Pictures, Relativity Media, Pariah/ via Giphy

19. "Don't you get bored?"

No, don't you? laughing animated GIF Universal Pictures, Illumination Entertainment/ via Giphy

20. "Are you a runner? Because you've been running in my mind all day."

Chris Hemsworth Thor Marvel Movie gifs 3 jaimie alexander thor x sif yeah I shipped it nbd

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