The 20 Things Women Shouldn't Apologize For

From Laura Argintar on Elite Daily, comes an amazing list about 20 things women shouldn't have to apologize for anymore.  To be honest I have to agree with most of these.

1. Having our period

Its called being female, Ok?  There's no reason why we should have to apologize for our biology which we have no control over.

2. Sexual preferences

It doesn't matter when you fall in love or whether you only have love for uncooked cookie dough.

3. Farting and pooping

Seriously we are human and our bodies function pretty much like a guy's and yes we go poop.  It happens.  We would all die if we didn't

4. Bra cup sizes

Boobs are great.  It doesn't make you less of a woman if you wear and A or more of a woman if you're a DD.  In fact boobs don't make you a woman at all.

5. Independence

No matter what age we are we all like to feel and be independent.  It shouldn't be something that's reserved for guys.

6. Painting our faces

You may look a little strange when you wear a lot of makeup but then again that's your choice and you need to rock it.

7. How many people we’ve had sex with

The millennial culture has changed and it's no longer necessary to apologize.

8. Being Type-A

You love making to-do lists and hate being late almost as much as you hate when other people are late, just treat people while you're doing it.

9. Looking like hell

Never apologize for this, you're letting others have free rein to also mock your appearance.

10. Not enjoying giving blow jobs

You should never have to defend what you put in your mouth.

11. Being girly

Girly stuff is really, really fun and it sure beats watching guys tackling each other for four hours.

12. Popping pimples

Don’t let the dermatologist pimple-shame you for trying to solve the problem the good old-fashioned way.

13. Putting our relationships first

We've all heard the "she dropped off the planet after she got married."  To be honest, marriages take a lot of work and you're going to be married to this person for a lot longer than you'll be friends with any of your old college friends.  Go ahead and put him first.  He will appreciate it.

14. Eating healthy

There should be no shame in taking care of yourself period.  Its not your fault that others get self conscious when you make healthy decisions in their presence.

15. Not liking children

I'm a mom and I like my daughter...not so much a fan of other people's children.

16. Making more money

It’s time we stop feeling guilty for our success and start enjoying it. Be proud of your worth and what you’ve earned.

17. Not wanting to have sex

There is no shame and nothing wrong with waiting.  Its your right.  If he's going to leave over it, he wasn't that great of a guy to begin with.

18. Putting work first

There’s a big difference between letting your job run your life and working hard at something you’re dedicated to.

19. Eating too much

Your the only one that's going to suffer from binge eating.  Just apologize to your digestive system.

20. Being who we are

You are incredible, and haters are gonna hate. So shine on, girlfriend. Shine on.

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