20 Thoughts Everyone Has In Spin Class

Have you ever wanted to join a spin cycling class? They can be a struggle, yet extremely fun! Between the warm-up and cool-down there's lots to experience. Many enjoy the intense workout because it gets your heart pumping and legs moving.

Things to bring to a spin cycling class

Tiny towel A large water bottle Lots of energy We've all experienced thoughts while sweating off tons of calories. Here are the top 20: [walks in] I'm ready to break a sweat! Let's do this. spin cycling A sub? I was told hot David was teaching the class and picked out my best shorts. extreme cycling Hey! That girl is using my bike. Bring it on sister! spin cycling Yes! A new playlist. Finally, something other than David's overused house music. spin cycling Of course I know how to adjust my bike. I'm not a newbie...Wait what does this button do again? spin cycling Whoa. This seat is giving me more below-the-belt action than I've had in a long time. spin cycling I'm sweating like there's no tomorrow. Next time I'll chose a shirt that allows my pits to breathe. spin cycling class These shorts are causing some real chaffing. spin cycling class This spin coordination is a struggle. spin cycling Jen, what's with the disco ball? Does she think this is a party or something? spin cycling Just nod your head up and down like you know what "intervals" and "jumps" and "hills" are. Just nod. spin cycling class Who knew this was my favourite song?! [spins faster] spin cycling [Jump, lands in the seat wrong] Aaand, now I can’t feel anything. spin cycling Timber! I've never heard anything like this before. I gotta' tell the girls about this one. spin cycling Daamn. This girl is workin' it. She's the next Lance Armstrong. spin cycling I'm sweatin' a ton! Do I look good sweaty? Because she looks good sweaty. spin cycling Why aren't those fans on? I'M DYING OF SWEAT IN HERE! spin cycling The lady's parking spot I took last week...was the instructors. Sorry, Jen but today's class is going to be unending torture. cycling class THAT WAS A WARM UP? More like death. cycling class "Great class ladies, I'll see you next week." Jen, let's get out of here! I can't feel my legs. cycling class Bring a friend, and enjoy the ride. Nothing beats a good workout. What are your thoughts on spin cycling classes?

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