2014 Resolution: Best Dressed For Your Body Type

The key to being dressed well is wearing clothes that enhance your best features and compliment your overall body shape. Often, we get hung up on having to wear the latest trends in order to feel fashionable, but if they don’t complement our bodies or fit them properly, we can get discouraged quickly. Instead, let trends inspire the colours, prints and accessories you wear. Listed below are the various shape categories our bodies are often placed in and although I’m sure every woman loves being compared to a fruit, these shapes really do describe the majority of us. Before getting started, spend some time in front of the mirror and determine which category may best represent your body. Since all of our bodies are unique, you may be a blend of multiple categories, which will simply give you more options when it comes to choosing which styles look best. During this process, remember that what matters most is how you see yourself and that every body shape is equally beautiful. If a style of clothing you want to wear isn't listed under your body shape, don't hesitate to wear it anyways! The item may not be recommended for your shape, but if you feel great when wearing it, that's really all that matters. When you feel good, you look good!

Pear Body Shape

Celebrities: Beyonce, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Love-Hewitt Body Traits:
  • A smaller bust with narrow shoulders
  • Relatively flat tummy
  • Full hips, bottom and thighs
Best Assets:
  • Shoulders
  • Torso
  • Flat stomach
Goal: Since your lower body is larger than your upper body, focus all of the attention upwards to create a balanced silhouette. Fashion Do’s:
  • Tops and jackets that end above your hips
  • Straight leg or boot cut pants
  • A-line or full skirts that are knee or maxi lengths
  • Bold necklaces, scarves, necklines and patterns that draw the eye up
  • Light tops and dark bottoms for contrast
  • Strapless dresses to show off your shoulders
  • Pointed shoes to elongate your leg
Spring 2014 Trend: Contrast-Collar Button Down Shirt

 Strawberry Body Shape

Celebrities: Teri Hatcher, Renee Zellweger, Demi Moore Body Traits:
  • Broad shoulders that are wider than your hip line
  • Average to full bust
  • Narrow hips and smaller bottom
Best Assets:
  • Legs
Goal: To soften your shoulders, opt for clean and uncluttered tops. Look for clothes that create the illusion of a waist. Experiment with high-waisted styles to create an even longer leg. Fashion Do’s:
  • V-necklines that draw the eye down
  • Tops that bring attention to your waistline
  • A-line, tulip or full skirts
  • Skinny and straight leg pants show off legs
  • Boot cut, flare and wide leg balance top heaviness
  • Bright colours on the bottom
Spring 2014 Trend: Wide-Leg Trousers (a high-waisted pair will create an elongated frame)

Rectangle Body Shape

Celebrities: Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Cameron Diaz Body Traits:
  • Not many curves
  • Straight shoulders, hips and bottom
  • Very little waist definition
  • Often appears athletic
Best Assets:
  • Arms and legs, but you have nothing to hide
Goal: Create the illusion of curves. Fashion Do’s:
  • Tops with soft detailing such as ruffles or bows
  • Sweetheart and scoop neck to create curves
  • Structured jackets
  • Layer to add more dimensions
  • Pencil, tulip and A-line skirts
  • Skinny, straight or boot cut pants
  • Flap pockets on pants create the illusion of a larger bottom
  • Experiment with placement of belts
Spring 2014 Trend: Boxy/Cropped Jacket

Apple Body Shape

Celebrities: Queen Latifah, Jessica Simpson, Drew Barrymore Body Traits:
  • Average to big bust
  • Full midsection
  • Narrow hips
Best Assets:
  • Legs
Goal: Draw attention up to your chest or down to your legs. Try styles that are straight or slightly fitted. Fashion Do’s:
  • Embellished necklines and shoulder details that draw the eye up
  • Tunics or empire waist tops that skim over your midsection
  • A-line and knee length skirts
  • Straight leg and boot cut pants
  • Statement accessories
Spring 2014 Trend: Contrast-Tuxedo Striped Trouser

Hourglass Body Shape

Celebrities: Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry Body Traits:
  • Full bust
  • Small waist
  • Rounded bottom and hips
Best Assets:
  • Curves
Goal: Highlighting your curves, not hiding them. Show off and define your waist. Fashion Do’s:
  • Open necklines
  • Fitted tops
  • Boot cut, flare and wide leg pants
  • If your thighs are slim, skinny pants work well too
  • Feminine and flirty dresses
  • Wrap dresses
  • Pencil and A-line skirts, ending at the knee
  • Belted waist shows of your curves
Spring 2014 Trend: High-Waisted Tea-Length Skirt (to increase elongation, pair it with a cropped top)    

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