21 Day Challenge, WEEK 1: How a Bodyrockin Mother of Three Gets Her Groove Back

I was SO excited when I heard that Bodyrock.tv was putting out another challenge since for the last 2 challenges I was pregnant with my third. I did try them both, but had to modify a lot of the moves since I was between 7-9 months pregnant, so I wasn't lifting as heavy and moved much slower. I am almost 3 months postpartum now and just started the 21 Day Challenge! I have really enjoyed it so far. I am also training for a half marathon in May (one I did last year at 7 weeks pregnant, unaware I was pregnant!), so I do the challenge days work after my runs (which are short during the week). Week 1 was fun and I even had a workout partner for a couple of the days, my 4 1/2 year old eldest daughter. She LOVES working out with me and loves Lisa since Lisa's accent reminds her of the characters on Peppa Pig with all their british accents. Lisa gets her going too and she wants to do everything she does. She has her own set of 3 pound dumbbells, a mat etc so she can workout with me when she wants.She doesn't do anything too crazy, and may last for only 15 minutes or so, but really enjoys it! My 2 year old joined us today for Day 5, while my soon to be 3 month old looked on. [caption id="attachment_45006" align="alignright" width="350"]Me and my 4 1/2 year old doing plank punches! Me and my 4 1/2 year old doing plank punches![/caption] If you have followed my blogs, you know that I am also in the process of closing my 2 finger gap (or come close to closing) of diastasis recti (DR). I have written several blogs about it, and in the 12 weeks since giving birth, I have seen a huge difference already. BUT, with DR, you have to always be aware of the exercises to avoid and/or what exercises will make it worse. I have 'rehab' everyday to do as well. Technically with DR rehab with the method I use, you are NOT supposed to do any other exercises during that time. BUT I would lose my mind if I couldn't do anything else, so I do workout but with MANY modifications. I am also VERY aware of being able to contract my TVA while doing the exercises, so that makes it doable. With diastasis recti, much of the traditional ab work isn't right for it, doesn't feel right doing it, and actually makes the condition a lot worse. So I thought I would make a little video of how I modified Day 4 of the challenge (which was almost all ab/core), so you can see what I do in case there are others out there with this condition. NOTE: I am a personal trainer who has a pre/post natal cert AND who has been doing the rehab exercises for a while now, so where I am at in my journey may NOT be where someone else with DR is at. After giving birth the third time, I had a 3 1/2 finger gap. Now with around a 2 finger gap, I am capable of doing a lot more than I could before. I have trained clients with 5-6 finger gaps and with that training, all of it consists of focusing on breathing, rehab exercises to bring blood to the connective tissue and repair the DR, and nothing else until the client is strong enough to move onto head lifts, heal touches, heal slides etc. Below is the list of what Lisa did on Day 4 (CORE DAY). Right under what she did for each, I have written what I did in red instead to modify. For all 'cardio' moves I either did running in place or skipping. 1. Single Arm Chest Press & Reverse Curl – Left Arm 1. Chest Press with knees bent or in diamond shape on floor (KEEP TVA CONTRACTED ENTIRE TIME) 2. Cross Over Jack Knife Left 2. Table Top heal drop/toe taps laying on back 3. Cross Over Jack Knife Right 3. Double leg bridge 4. High Low Abs & Push Up 4. Knee Push ups 5. V Sit & Bike Legs 5. Alternating single leg bridge 6. Single Arm Row & Push Up & Burpee Press 6. Modified plank knee rows (15lb) 7. Cross Shoulder Press to Knee – L&R Alternate 7. Alternating standing Oblique side crunch 8. Knee Tucks & V 8. Alternating knee tuck on equalizer (all weight supported by upper body, almost like marching in place, keeping the movement in the TVA ) 9. Box Knee Kift & Twist Weight – L&R Alternate 9. Step up alternating knee raise 10. Bench V Lift x 5 & V Touch Toe x 5 – R&L Alternate 10. Headlift (arms straight overhead) 11. Sandbag Swing 11. Upright row with kettlebell  12. 1 Arm & 1 Leg Row x 5 & 1 Leg Shoulder Press x 5  - Left Side 12. SAME AS ABOVE 13.  1 Arm & 1 Leg Row x 5 & 1 Leg Shoulder Press x 5  - Right Side 13. SAME AS ABOVE 14. Mountain Climbers x 10 & Crab Toe Touch 14. 4 knee push ups + 4 Crab toe touches   The below video demonstrates the moves I did to modify! For MORE fitness, health and motivation, visit me on my Facebook page and online atwww.moorefitness.com.  

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