21 Things Fit Girls Who Lift Won't Tell You

Lifting opens up a while new world of fitness, and presents some new challenges. Here is the inside scoop on everything girls who lift won't tell you: girls who lift
  1. Someone saying your thighs are big is a total compliment.
  2. Just because you look slimmer, doesn't mean you don't weigh more than when you started.
  3. You get excited about your weight going up. Hello muscles!
  4. But you really don't care about the number on the scale, you care about the number on the iron plate.
  5. Big thighs make skinny jeans a problem.
  6. You stuff your face, because your muscles demand it.
  7. Waiting for your next cheat meal is like waiting for Christmas.
  8. You can't believe your before pictures!
  9. If someone asks you to do anything that requires walking after Leg Day, it's a solid 'no'.
  10. Your phone is full of gym reminders.
  11. You need these reminders to get up at the unholy hours of the morning to rock your workout.
  12. You have little time for dating. Training is your BF.
  13. You love hitting the bar with your trainer...for a lifting date.
  14. Your trainer knows more about you than your best friend. Personal things like body weight percentage.
  15. High heels take a hike as comfy running shoes take over your closet.
  16. And sports bras. So. Many. Sports Bras.
  17. You've become the go to girl for helping friends move.
  18. Guys are actually becoming intimidated by your jar opening abilities.
  19. Resting bitch face? Try resting gym face.
  20. Laundry has taken over your life.
  21. All of it is worth it, because the gym is like your therapy.
  What are some secrets you want to share about lifting? Source: Buzzfeed    

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