After sweating in the kitchen for a few hours to get everything ready for #mpm (mealprepmonday) I feel excited to start my #21daychallenge. On a hot sunny day in Vancouver being outside would seem like the smart decision but eating clean and trying new activities is also important to me.
 Brett and I had a busy weekend and after arriving at the gym last night to only find it was closed we were up early to hit Steve Nash Granville for an awesome sweat sesh. It was his first time at that gym and I am pretty sure it could make a gym rat out of anyone. It's got everything! I was in heaven.
After our workout we hit the grocery store to get some clean eats for the week. Brett is making chili as we speak and the house smells amazing! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail is a very motivating mantra. We've both got our meals planned and I've got my workouts planned for the week.
 I've decided to do a bike race in Victoria at the end of September with my sister. It is a 100 km race around Victoria which I think is going to be pretty awesome. I've been spending more and more time on my bike and I remember why I love it so much. Its freeing to be out on the road and being in control of how hard you push yourself. To get ready for this, I've decided to change up my meals a little and get back to clean eating. So here goes nothing for my #21daychallenge where I plan on eating clean, drinking lots of water, trying some new workouts including Crossfit and riding a few times a week.
 Follow my journey here and photos #21daychallenge. Can't wait to share this with all the ladies who have been inspiring me. Big shout outs to Jodi, Shannon, Jordan, Scarlet and so many more that live near and far for being so inspiring and pushing me to prep even though live can be busy. You ladies are killing it!
 Happy Tuesday Fit Fam.
 Eat. Sweat. Smile. Repeat,

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