22 Little Ways to Make Your Partner's Valentines Day Better

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1. Bake them cupcakes. If you're not me, cupcakes are really easy to make. Dye your icing pink and now they're Valentine's Day cupcakes. Basically, anytime there's a holiday, just slap some icing on some cake and change the color. Life hacks!

2. Learn a song. Even if you don't know an instrument, you can teach yourself a few chords on a piano or a guitar (or iPhone piano) and sing them something. They'll appreciate the thought.

3. Write them a love note. A real love note. Like, old-school, 18th century, handwritten love note.

4. Make them an origami love note. This is a little more creative, but it'll also be much shorter if a letter sounds too daunting.

5. Make them a romantic mixtape. Smooth jams, songs that make you think of them, and your song are all fair game. Pop it on a thumb drive so they know it's real, and not just some fleeting Spotify playlist that can be eroded by the oceans of time. 6. Visit the place you met. Assuming you met in, like, a coffee shop and not your friend's dad's basement 10 years ago. 7. Give them a back rub. You've probably got some hand lotion lying around, and you'll have to do this for 10 minutes tops before they fall asleep or get bored. 8. Or give them a front rub. Way less boring. 9. Paint them a picture. You don't have to be good, just grab some watercolors and make a self-portrait. Or try and make a self-portrait and then tell them the results are abstract and they wouldn't understand. 10. Make them a nice dinner. It doesn't matter if you're a great cook or if you know how to make their favorite dish. Just take a swing at it, light some candles, and it's suddenly romantic, no matter how badly you somehow burned the chicken. 11. Have a romantic movie marathon on Netflix. If you're really feeling daring, search "romantic comedy" and click on one blindly. Good luck. 12. Bring them a bunch of (non-Valentine's Day) junk food. No one likes playing candy roulette with a bunch of tiny mystery chocolates. Throw some double-stuff Oreos and Swedish Fish in a bag and give them some candy they actually want. 13. Agree to do one thing with them that you've always hated and swore you wouldn't do.  Did your partner always want you to try ballroom dancing? Or finally sit down and understand how football is played? Do they want you to watch a movie you're pretty sure you can't stand? Tell them that today, they get to pick what you do, or grab them a coupon to that ballroom dancing class (and then hope they lose it). 14. Leave little love notes for them everywhere. Put them in their gym bag, their car, their pillow, and as many places as you can find reminding them how much you care about them. 15. Take some nude pictures. Send the pics to them throughout the day, and let them know what to expect when they get home. 16. Clean their room. Is it terribly romantic? No. Is it really practical and something they'll appreciate? Yes (assuming you don't inadvertently hide all their stuff while you clean). 17. Spell out "I LOVE YOU" in bacon for breakfast. This is romantic even if they're vegan (although they definitely won't eat it and you probably shouldn't do it). 18. Have a picnic in your living room. February where you live is probably too cold for a picnic outside, but set one up in your living room with a bottle of champagne and some fancy cheese. 19. Read them a romantic poem. If you're really good, you can try writing your own. If you're not feeling so daring, then just steal something from Keates or Lord Byron. 20. Make them a list of all the things you love about them. You should be able to get over a hundred. Personality quirks and specific memories are all fair game. 21. Make them a scrapbook. You'd be surprised what you've got lying around and can put together quickly. Find some old movie stubs, print out some pictures from Facebook, add some stickers, and you're done. 22. Set up a beer or wine tasting in your own home. Grab a few different kinds and walk them through the wines and their pairings.

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