22 Signs That You're Dating A Loser

If you're not familiar with the term, let me bring you up to speed. A loser describes any dude who is a player/sad act. Here are the 22 telltale signs your new guy is messing around with you: 1. He only talks about himself. 2. He's a professional athlete...in the sport of beer pong. 3. He cheaps out and doesn't bring his own liquor to a party, but will generously pour from your bottle. 4. He's a big slut-shamer. He's sexist to an extreme and doesn't mind trash talking every woman, even his own mother. 5. He doesn't apologize for anything, and somehow turns his f*ck-ups into your problems. And if you ask him to apologize, he throws a bonafide temper tantrum. 6. He thinks he's always right. That's why he'll never say he's sorry. 7. He ignores your interests. In fact, he probably is too busy staring at his phone to hear what you're saying. 8. He'll never pick up the cheque, or offer to buy you a drink. Or he's always interested in 'splitting' the bill. 9. He's a selfie fanatic. He is more absorbed with getting the perfect angle to show off his muscles than take a cute picture with you. 10. He talks about what jerks other dudes are so he'll seem less of a jerk. 11. He puts you through a dating test to see if you're worthy of him. 12. He announces when you pass the dating test, and now he doesn't have to call up his just-in-case chick. 13. His Tinder profile lists "looking for fun and nothing serious". You know what that means.... 14. He and his friends are jobless. And spend every night in the club. And live with their parents. 15. He dresses himself in basic, high priced clothing a la Kanye West. 16. He has no filter when it comes to dick pics. "Hey how was your day?" is an invitation for penile pictures. 17. He's always wanting nudes of you via Snapchat. 18. He's notorious for "Netflix and Chill" dates. Which are less about watching a movie and more about getting in your pants. 19. He only wants to hangout late at night. 20. He won't text back for hours no matter the situation. 21. He acts entitled to you, and doesn't treat you like you deserve. 22. He's basically going nowhere with his life, and will still be partying it up while you cruise on to bigger and better things. Have you ever dated a loser? We want to hear from you! Source: Elite Daily Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_105894" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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