23 Signs That You Might Be Addicted To BodyRock



Hi BodyRockers


They say that the first step is admitting you have a problem. So in case you are in some kind of denial, here are 23 signs you just might be addicted to #BodyRocking .

1. You don’t know an Interval Timer is & when it breaks it like your world just ended

2. You have completed the Real Time Challenge & killed it 3. You hate rest days 4. You know what Sean ate for lunch today 5. You own more sports gear than actual clothing but you always need more sports clothing 6. Your Facebook feed is all fitness based & you are addicted to it all 7. You stay up late to get a sneak peek at tomorrows workout 8. You never miss a BEEP 9. You get asked out on a date, but you have to get your workout in before you can say yes 10. You know at least 5 people who #bodyrock around the world you never knew before 11. Your instagram photos are badass selfies of you posing with other #bodyrockers sharing your awesome progress everyday 12. You’re never NOT sore. 13. Before you eat you have to take a picture & share it on my Facebook page to keep the motivation going 14. You swear at me through the TV - Esp. on ass & leg days. 15. You love the feeling of pushing yourself & you always try to go harder everyday. 16. You know that a #highfive is a #bodyrockers international code to say 'I just killed my workout' 17. You have completed a workout in your pants & bra while no ones looking at one time in your life 18. So.Much.Laundry 19. You only vacation where there a place you can workout 20. You do other workouts on your “rest day.” 21. Missing a day of a challenge is not an option 22. You spend your holidays with other #Bodyrockers by checking in everyday - #addicted

23. You know who the following people are - Courtney, Bini, Catherine, Kelsey, Meagan, Kelli just to name a few


Can you think of anymore I missed ?

Share Your Addictions Below .... ..


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