24 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Eating Healthy Super Easy

Eating healthy can seem like a chore - but it doesn't have to be! We've compiled a list of diagrams that are simple and easy to follow. Print them out and put them on your fridge or in your recipe books.

1. For fruit-ophiles.

Photo Credit: Popsugar Yes, fruits have portions, too.

2. For 5-minute dinners that are sure to be healthy.

 nutritionists five-minute dinners Easy as 1,2,3!

3. For when you’re doing the caveman diet.

Photo Credit: Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed If you're not sure which foods qualify as Paleo or not, we've got you covered! [bctt tweet="24 Must-See Diagrams That Will Make Eating Healthy Super Easy"]

4. For picking the perfect avocado.

Photo Credit: Northwest Edible Life Learn how to choose the perfect avocado.

5. For smoothies fit for royalty.

Photo Credit: American Express Make a delicious and nutritious snack perfectly, every time!

6. For smoothies that you have no excuse not to make.

Photo Credit: Life by Daily Burn Save precious time in the a.m. with these speedy 3-ingredient smoothie recipes!

7. For the new “It” food, the Mason jar salad!

Photo Credit: Beth/Eat Within Your Means
Just shake up and EAT! Delicious and Easy!

8. For tea so excellent you’ll forget other liquids exist.

Photo Credit: Utilityjournal Put down that diet soda and make yourself a cup of tea.

9. For soup that’s healthy and oh so delicious.

Photo Credit: Shape Making homemade soup is easier than you think!

10. For making the salad dressing of gods.

Photo Credit: Katheats
Avoid the extra calories and create your own salad dressing.

11. For when you’re treating your lovely self to a night in.

Photo Credit: Greatist Time to stop tossing bad food and money in the trash! We have a meal plan designed with you in mind! The Beginner Bootcamp meal plan consists of weekly grocery lists that allow you to cook delicious, healthy food.

12. For yummy-fying grains.

There are SO many different kinds of grains out there!

13. For making “guesstimation” of portion sizes a thing of the past.

Photo Credit: Guard Your Health Campaign Did you know that your hand is the easiest way to measure your food?

14. For vegetarians looking for other sources of protein.

Photo Credit: Greatist Are you constantly eating the same thing and in need of something new? These are great protein alternatives to add to your meals!

15. For spotting the hidden sugars in your food.

Photo Credit: Women’s Health Most of us consume WAY too much sugar. On average, we consume between two and three times the recommended amount! Be informed by reading through the ingredients to make sure you’re not getting any more than you really should.

16. For knowing your nuts.

For getting your nuts straight.
Photo Credit: Life by Daily Burn Do you know what 200 calories looks like? Make sure you understand how much you're consuming before grabbing another handful. 17. For the definitive ranking of all the veggies.
Photo Credit: Total Beauty
Treat yourself to the healthiest veggies.

18. For DIY hummus that’s as awesome as your Lebanese college roommate’s grandmother’s.

Photo Credit: Shape No need for store bought hummus. You can make your own!

19. For marinating your meat to utter perfection.

Photo Credit: BuzzFeed Marinades can REALLY change the taste of your meats for the better.

20. For substituting bad ingredients with the good.

For healthy recipe substitutions.
Photo Credit: Greatist
Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, you can still make and eat the fluffiest, yummiest baked desserts without the self-loathing that comes afterwards.

21. For fans of salad in search of more adventure.

Photo Credit: Prevention.com If you’re the type who lives, breathes, and eats salads, but are tired of having the same thing every damn day, then this is for you.

22. For when you want to be up close and personal with your vitamins.

Photo Credit: hellawella.com As simple as your A,B,C's.

23. For remembering the superfoods alphabet.

For remembering all your superfoods.
Photo Credit: Greatist So easy, right?

24. For proper superfood storage.

For how to store all your healthy foods.
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