24 Reasons Why You Need A Mini Pig In Your Life

2. They make trips to the bathroom 100 times* cuter.

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*Not an exact amount. Might be more than 100.

3. They cuddle up on blankets and look like little loaves of perfection.

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5. They're great* at soccer.

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*Okay, maybe not great, but when you look this cute, you can get by on looks alone.

12. Once you own a mini pig, you're one kiddie pool away from a sight as cute as this happening in your own backyard.

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13. And you're two cats away from this adorable sight happening in your living room.

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15. Mini pigs are courageous.*

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*Especially when there's an edible reward after said feat of courage.

16. They bring a whole new (super cute) meaning to "pigs in a blanket."

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22. They frolic through fields with a cuteness that will take your breath away.

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24. And they're champion snugglers.

Remember to do your research before considering a mini pig as a pet! While adorable, smart, and wonderful creatures, even mini pigs can reach up to 55 lbs, and many pigs on the market are not, in fact, the "minis" that they claim to be. That said, if you do get a mini pig, be sure to post lots of pics on the internet so the rest of us can bask in the cuteness!
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