25 Thoughts Everyone Has Had During Their First Yoga Class

Yoga is an amazing exercise for both the mind and body, but taking the first step and joining a class can be totally intimidating. We've been there before and we know the struggle! Here are 25 thoughts everyone has during their first time yoga class! thoughts you have in a yoga class
  • Cute yoga, matching towel, fancy water bottle. I'm ready to go!
  • This music might put me to sleep.
  • Um, excuse me, this is my personal bubble and you're downward dogging into it.
  • Yikes! If I knew about the no-sock rule I would have done some major pedicure work.
  • Nobody look at my feet, nobody look at my feet.
thoughts everyone has in yoga class
  • Wow, only the first pose and I'm struggling! I am the least-fit person ever.
  • How are these people so flexible? I could never do that!
  • Don't fall, don't fall, don't fall. Okay, so you fell but I don't think anyone saw.
  • No one is sweating as hard as I am, this is bad.
thoughts everyone has in yoga class
  • So not relaxed. These poses are insane!
  • Ouu I like Warrior Pose. Wait, you want me to hold it for how long?
  • No way am I attempting to put my leg there. I'm going to sit this one out.
  • My gross feet are going to hit this poor woman in the face. I just know it!
  • Not relaxed, still not relaxed.
  • Yay! We're going to lie down on the floor now. This is what I came here for.
thoughts everyone has in yoga class
  • I could do this all day. Ahhh.
  • Okay, lights are going off now. Is this Kindergarten nap time?
  • Savasana! It's pillow time!
  • Wow, so relaxed. I finally see why people love this class.
  • I can hear my neighbour's congested breathing, but whatevs. Keeping it Zen over here.
  • It's over already? Was that really an hour?
thoughts everyone has in yoga class
  • I am a new person! I feel on top of the world!
  • I just picked up the schedule for next week. I will see you next time fellow Yogis!
  • Totally going home to take a flawless yoga pose pic for Insta! #Namaste
Tag a friend who can relate to these 25 thoughts! Let us know your first impressions of yoga in the comments! Want to up your yoga game? With SweatFlix℠ you can access BodyRock Yoga (and all our other workouts!) on demand. From beginner to advanced, SweatFlix℠ has you covered! Source: Prevention

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