25 Truths About Weight Loss

I spent my 30's obsessed with food. From the minute I woke up, to the minute I crawled into bed. All the while failing to accept I would be living out my years so frustrated, challenged and out of control. I worked out like it was my job, maintaining the harder-faster-stronger-longer mantra to *finally* achieve the results I deserved. But what happened instead is I fell apart. I couldn't maintain the level of exercise and stress on my body and it was contributing greatly to my quality of life. And most importantly, I didn't see the changes in my body I so desperately longed for. I couldn't find balance. I didn't have answers. And yet I wasn't willing to accept this as my plight. I've learned an incredible amount about food & fitness these past several years. And the second I took the pressure off myself in fitness and focused more on food and a healthy mindset, I came to be the person I knew I could be. I work out two or three times a week and enjoy it so much more, knowing  exercise will  boost my efforts, not define them. So consider these principles if you feel stuck, obsessed, frustrated or ready to give up. Know it doesn't have to be as hard as we have made it out to be. These simple shifts in your thinking and habits can make all the difference in the world - without changing your budget or lifestyle.
  1. Cleanses should not be considered a weight loss method.
  2. Fancy shakes are not a requirement to being healthy or losing weight.
  3. You don't have to eat less to lose weight.
  4. Cardio is not necessarily the answer.
  5. It's how your clothes fit that matter.
  6. Fitness should be considered a boost to your efforts but not the overall answer for losing weight.
  7. Some of the best foods for weight loss are those with the highest calories.
  8. Breakfast is optional.  Be mindful of when you are hungry instead of eating out of habit or on the clock.
  9. Your greatest success in losing weight centers around reducing sugar.
  10. Fat doesn't make you fat.
  11. If it's too good to be true, it is. Stop the cycle of purchasing weight loss promises.
  12. A combo of HIIT workouts and resistance training is the best way to boost your metabolism and burn fat.
  13. It takes three months to establish new habits. Give yourself the time you deserve to make it work for the long-haul.
  14. If you reduce sugar you will crave it less.
  15. When you slow down at meal times, you automatically eat less.
  16. If it's in the house you will eat it.
  17. Grains are not a necessary component to your diet.
  18. You can still eat bacon.
  19. Eat your vegetables; you're not five.
  20. Gluten-free doesn't necessarily mean healthier to the average (non-Celiac) person.
  21. Dehydration can mask itself as hunger.
  22. Small plate = less eating.
  23. Pay attention to the bliss factor when snacking. When something stops tasting blissful (usually around 3-5 bites), stop eating it.
  24. You probably need less protein than you think.
  25. Juice is not healthy. Eat your fruit. Drink water.
Eat with purpose. xo, Lonni    

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