$25,000 J Law Makeover

In a Nightline special on the newest cosmetic surgery trend, Texan resident Kitty took her fandom of Jennifer Lawrence above and beyond; she underwent 6 surgeries and spent over $25,000 in order to look more like the Oscar winning celebrity. After liposuction, a rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and fat grafts, here is her “after” photo, next to a cut-out of her celebrity idol: jennifer lawrence makeover3 I sort of don’t see a huge difference between her before and after, but she seems happy with the results, so, good for her, I guess? jennifer lawrence makeover I think the most ridiculous part of this story is that she’s already told a lot that she resembles Jennifer Lawrence. So you have to spend $25,000 and undergo unnecessary surgery to slightly increase that resemblance? SERIOUSLY? I don’t think a spunky personality and a “banging” bod is a reason to undergo surgery. Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather spend that money on turning myself into the best possible version of me, rather than a copied version of someone else, regardless of how much I look up to that person. Maybe she should’ve seen this make-up make-over before she spent all that money and went through all that trouble (this girl is UNREAL at make-up transformations):

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