26 Things Everyone Thinks During a Bodyrock/Daily Hiit Workout

Bodyrock is an amazing workout...as you all know, and, although the workouts are only short, there are a number of thoughts that fly through my head while I'm burning those calories... 1362479899 How many of these have applied to you?   1. Damn, I wish I had Lisa’s body! 2. And her tan. 3. Oh crap...she's setting the timer! I'm not ready yet! 4. Ok, this time I'm not going to stop at all until the breaks - it's only 50 seconds each time 5. How is she talking while working out? I’m dying here! 6. I can’t go on…(Shortly followed by) I can’t quit! 7. I wish I was fit enough that I’d be able to talk while working out too!  8. How does every Bodyrock workout hurt so much!? (Shortly followed by) I love how every Bodyrock workout pushes me so hard! 9. Someone needs to buy me the contents of Lisa’s wardrobe right now! I want those trainers! 10. How is this 50 seconds so long!? 11. Surely that’s 50 seconds up now!? 12. Now!? 13. What!? That break wasn’t 10 seconds long! 14. Just let me sit down…please. 15. I can totally do this for the whole 50 seconds – it’s only 50 seconds! (Shortly followed by) Nope, no I can’t do it…(Shortly followed by) Yes I can! I’m going to do this! 16. Owwww! 17. How is that even possible!? 18. You can say “all the way to the end” as much as you like Lisa – if my rep finishes with 4 seconds to go then I’m taking that extra 4 seconds break! 19. Do I really have to do three rounds? Hmmm, I will see how I feel after two rounds. Nobody’s going to know. 20. (After the second round) Hell yeah, I’m going to make it through all three rounds – I’m not giving up! 21. That’s going to hurt tomorrow morning. 22. I hate Lisa for doing this to me! (Shortly followed by) This workout is amazing! 23. 12-16 minutes never normally takes this long…aaargh! 24. I did it! Yes! Oh wait, I have to press replay for another round…nooo! 25. Now I’ve done it! Yay! 26. Awesome workout! Roll on tomorrow.   What other thoughts go through your head regularly during a Bodrock workout?   For more articles like this please check out my blog.

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