The 3 Big, Scary Grown Up Questions That Can Change Your Life

You are told as a child not to ask so many questions. Eventually, we learn how to figure things out ourselves. Questions are actually a valuable tool to discovering who we are and what we want. A good question can excel us from one stage of life into another. Here are the big 3 we should learn to ask to change our lives: 1. "Can you do me a favour?" I am guilty of being a person always on call to help a friend, but I never open up to admit when I need a hand. I've always felt asking for help was (for some weird reason) a sign of weakness. It can take courage to ask for help, but it is such a relief when you realize your friends and family are willing to offer their support from helping you move to giving you dating advice. 2. "Can I have a discount?" A question I used to believe was rude turned into a life-saver for me! You'd be surprised the money you can save on flights to handbags by just asking this simple question. Don't get stuck paying more than you have to. Offer up the service to the retailer or restaurant of passing word along to friends or writing a good Yelp review in return for their kindness. 3. "What do I really, really want?"  This may be the scariest, but most essential question of all. Not just in this list, but in the grand scheme of life. Take an hour, get out into a peaceful place in nature or the calm of quiet space in your house, and ask. It's not about what others want of you, and it's not about the money, it's about what's in your soul. Once you define it, give yourself permission to pursue it. This is the most freeing experience! What are some scary questions you've learned to ask? Share your stories with us!

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