3 Biggest Mistakes Men Make When Asking You Out

Research is showing that this day in age, men are less straightforward when asking women out. In our technology-based society, guys have become far too casual in their pursuit of girls, leaving girls confused as to what their true intentions are. Here are the 4 biggest no-no's guys pull when attempting to ask you out: Mistake #1 - "Let's grab a drink." couple-on-a-date A recent survey exposed women's reactions to this famous line. Nearly 70% of ladies weren't sure if "Let's grab a drink" implied a date or just a casual hang out. This line has become a favourite among guys because it is vague, and does not set them up for rejection. What they don't realize is, as women, we want certainty. So next time you get offered a drink or "maybe date", don't be shy to ask what the true definition of the night out is. Mistake #2 - Texting yo Half of women in a recent survey said they were confused after being asked out over text messages. Texting is casual and men can be highly evasive when texting. "Wanna hang out ;P" can't be deciphered as anything. Have the guy call you and have a realtime conversation. If he wants to ask you out, he shouldn't ask through emojis. Mistake #3 - Being Coy date Even the most confident seeming dudes can be shy and awkward at times. Often in conversations, they can dance around what they really mean. "I would like to take you out" can come out as "Uhh..." followed by weeks of kicking themselves up for not having the guts just to ask. Respect their nerves and help guide them through these interactions. If you can see a guy struggling to ask you, step in. "Hey, do you like seafood? Because I know a great little place downtown." He'll be so relieved you helped and happy to know you're interested in him. What are some blunders guys have made asking you out? Got any first date horror stories? Share with us!

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