3 Common Gym Mistakes Women Make That Could Ruin A Workout

You may be giving it your all at the gym, but if you're making any of these 3 mistakes, it could all be in vain. There is so much misinformation out there about how to properly workout, what to eat and how to eat that it is hard to separate scientific fact from internet based fiction. Well we're setting the records straight! Here are the 3 mistakes you should be correcting immediately:   #1 You're using mini weights  Larger weights can be daunting at times, and some of us feel if we start doing our squats with man-sized weights that we'll gain man-sized limbs. This isn't the case. Using heavier weights will give you that tone and definition you're striving for, while burning fat and creating muscle in those target areas. #2 You're not getting your protein  For active women, 1 gram per pound of body weight is the protein golden rule. It applies to both those who are trying to achieve muscle mass and those who are looking to lose weight. You can supplement your intake so you're not struggling to eat tons and tons of meat everyday. Protein can come from yogurt, tofu, nuts, beans and quinoa. Without the proper protein intake, muscles will be lost, making your hard hitting workouts futile. #3 You're impatient with your workout  I'm guilty of this, as I'm sure many of us are. When you go hard on a new exercise regime and don't see super model results in the first few days, you give up and seek out the next best thing. It's very important to stick with a workout longer then a week to see results, as everyone's body adapts differently and loses weight/gains muscle at it's own pace. You should only change up your workout after 6 weeks or so, to keep it fresh and break your body out of a routine. Share with us your biggest gym mistakes and how you fixed them! We want to hear from you!      

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